• Great post. You used great information to back up your claim. This post you wrote pulled me in. This world is out of control and it needs to be a stop to violence.

  • Great post. I like that you used sources to back up your claim. I understand your point you’re getting across about being an American. It is a really good layout.

  • Dear President,


    Young kids or young adults have a say in their education, but have you thought traditional schools were enough than year round schools. To many people and myself traditional schools is enough

    • Hello Michael. I find your argument very interesting, and I also prefer the traditional school years. You had some interesting supporting details, but I do question their validity. There are many instances where you make claims ,but I don’t see much evidence. For example, you say that a “majority will disagree and a few will agree with that statement” when addressing the benefits of year-round school programs. It just seems to come out of nowhere. Other than that, I enjoyed your piece.


  • There’s nothing wrong with the football players kneeling down during the national anthem. They are not doing anything wrong. The football players as of Kansas City Chiefs, New York Jets, and Detroit Lions are p

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