• The players had every right to kneeling during the national anthem. A lot of people were offended by them doing this, very offended. It was mostly white people. They had twisted and misconstrued the reasoning

    • Your post is powerful! I’m proud that you have grown comfortable with your written voice!

    • Makhia,
      I really liked your post. I agree with you too. I think that they had every right to kneel. If injustice is happening I think that peacefully protesting it on a national platform is one of the best ways to go. Many people argue that they were disrespecting the flag, but I have looked up flag code. If this is there main arguments it ought to be automatically negated. People go against flag code all the time, it is against flag code to put the flag on an article of clothing, but around the fourth of July it’s everywhere. Flags should also not be displayed in bad weather (unless they are an all weather flag), but during the summer I see flags proudly lining the streets, rain or shine. If you’re interested in looking at more flag code here is a link to an overview of it. http://www.military.com/flag-day/us-flag-code.html
      I look forward to seeing what you write next.

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