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  • mbenvegnu
  • This has got to be my favorite post I have ever read on this website. Props to you for not doing what everyone else does and finding information to justify your position, but instead becoming informed on the realities of the phenomenon. I am very interested in this topic and find your insight about governmental policies very interesting. I look…Read More

  • Dear Caitlynn,
    I am frankly disappointed with your post. To start, I am fine with writing critical to our leaders, because all of them certainly do have issues. However, posts like this are not at all constructive or valuable. If you have an issue with anything Mr. Trump has advocated, said, or done, that has been proven, you should express this…Read More

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    Matthew commented on the post, Immigrants

    Hey Landen,
    I appreciate your post, however you seem to have a misunderstanding of Mr. Trump’s immigration policy, if this is what you are referring to. No candidate, Mr. Trump included, wants to close the borders of the United States. We allow a certain quota of immigrants into the country legally every year, and Mr. Trump has no interest in…Read More

  • Hello,
    As a fellow American I appreciate your concern for equality in our country. I would like to note that generally under US law, people of any race are considered to be equal. I realize there are exceptions to this rule in the form of improper state laws, but our general policies are equal before law. I say that in acknowledgement that the…Read More

  • Hey Martin,
    I understand the concern you have for the safety of players of this game. However, in my opinion, your solution is too simple and unrealistic. Seeing as this game is Niantic’s greatest success to date, it would be absurd for them to just purposely kill the game they worked so hard to create and promote. Instead, advise about player…Read More

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