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Along Manhattan Avenue

Thus poem has a low informal style. I can tell because of the everyday language

There is a lot of rhythm in this paragraph because of the continuous “above”

I agree Maybe the author was trying to get at Bronx isn’t the dirty way most people see it. There is happiness and men singing and that’s what makes the author feel good and think about often

Is this who the author could hear in the beginning above all else?

I think the author here is talking from personal experience and perspective because this is all really accurate.

Since the trains are so loud especially in certain parts of the Bronx, what was so loud to the speaker in his head? What was the thing that above all else he could hear?

Who can they hear? Why did their actions have such an impact that the speaker can still picture it (assumingely) after all this time?

This was a miscommunication. What they actually meant was that she wasn’t lying about getting raped but she was about who did it

Fonny seems to be going through a really hard time at this point.

It’s sad how much him being in jail impacted him and what they did to him.

Here Daniel is saying they were just convicting him because they had the power to. But he didn’t actually do anything wrong.

I think this is the true definition of “I can’t live without you”

It’s clear that everything going on in Tishs life is impacting her a lot emotionally

I think here Joe is just trying to be protective of her here.


It’s nice that they’re able to embrace eachother and got moments like these before he went to jail

He probably would say something about marrying tish since they talked about that earlier.

glued together meaning being close with each other literally but in a more figurative sense just enjoying each other’s presence in silence.

On top of them getting hit with the fact that they are grown up now, they also realize that there is so much they haven’t done yet

This isn’t really surprising of Ernestine to do because we already know how caring she is, but it’s a bit surprising how quickly she did it without any hesitations

she’s saying this in the sense that her mindset is weak.

Now that everything is up to them I don’t theres as high of a chance of getting Fonny out of jail

Why is “sneering” at her mothers “faith” not okay to her but her mother calling her own grandchild a sin/product of sin okay?

The relationship between Frank and his wife seems really unhealthy. There’s bound to be a separation between them though because Mrs. Hunt has a strong belief in Jesus and Frank doesn’t. That’s a major reason why they seem so divided.

This makes me think that Mrs.Hunt has internalized dislike for Fonny because she is saying that there’s a good side or that it’s almost a good thing for him to be in jail because of sins that he apparently has done before.

It’s interesting that Fonny has a picture of his dad in there

Why is she drinking so much

People *of* color but if you’re referring to just black people you can just say where the black ppl at

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