• In my new research to discover my claim, that being vegan is beneficial to ones’s health. I found some valuable information on the pioneer database, that supported my claim. in and article titled Vegan Diets Are

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    Giselle, I enjoyed reading about your topic. Prison I believe is somethin we as people especially government put on the back burner, especially the way in which inmates are treated. It was good to get a new insight of what is lacking in the system. Yes, it is true that prisoners are not suppose to be waited on, partly due to the facts they are in…[Read more]

  • Andreas, what an interested topic you’ve picked. I really enjoyed reading about the Aztec culture. The idea that the Aztecs believed the world would end was always known to me. But, I didn’t know they tried to prevent the world from ending. That ceremony seemed intense and their beliefs as well. I would love to hear more about it thanks for sharing

  • In my discovery to understand and conclude if Veganism is beneficial to ones health. I found an article explaining that a plant based diet is beneficial for your a health. In the article it states that a plant

    • Mayree- this is such an interesting topic because I’ve always wondered if it is beneficial to your health or just a rising trend. Its very eye opening to see that it helped someone who couldn’t have dairy. I’ll be interested in seeing what other research you come up with and what else you are able to find on the benefits of this diet.

    • Mayree,

      I am also looking at veganism and its growing popularity. I think I also read that article regarding the man who struggled with dairy. I am in agreement with you that a plant-based diet can be beneficial to some, however I did read an article about a mom who noticed her kids were malnourished as a result of being vegan. Extreme diets can be difficult for any small child. As with any diet, I think veganism can be beneficial to some and not to others. Good luck in the rest of your research!

    • Mayree,
      I really enjoyed reading this post. I found it very interesting. I always knew that veganism was good for you I just didn’t know it was better for you than a western style diet. I can’t wait to read more of your posts! Good luck on the rest of your research.

    • I was vegan for a while and I did a lot of research on the topic. I found the same information that being vegan can prevent some of the major killing diseases in the US. When I researched the opposing views of veganism a lot of controversy was around not getting enough protein and calcium on the diet. How do advocates of veganism defend this argument? Do you think that if more people were educated on veganism and the benefits it gives, that more people would go vegan?

    • I’m not positive if my last comment on this went through so here we are again. I think it would be interesting to try veganism for a while but I don’t think that I could stand it for too long, ice cream is too good. It would also be interesting to look at the cost of being a vegan and how much more they need to spend at the grocery store. It may also be cool to look at the effects on the earth with a vegan diet (no need to process meats and animals)!

    • Mayree,
      I think your topic is really interesting and a topic that will result in a good paper! I also think that the research you’ve done so far is really resourceful and to me makes your topic even more interesting.

    • Mayree I think this is a really interesting topic! Veganism is very popular right now but I don’t know that much about the health benefits. I’m curious to see what other research you find. Good job!

    • Mayree,
      I have always contemplated going vegan, but it would be so hard for me as I am accustomed to eating all of the animal products in my diet. I would love to reap the benefits of eating a vegan diet but the transition would have to be steady for me, and would take some time. I didn’t know western diets were linked with cancer and that being vegan decreases your risks and I can definitely see that being a motivational factor in a possible transition! Thank you for sharing your work and I hope to see you posting more about this topic!!

    • Marree,
      I find this very interesting. I am curious what is considered to be the “standard western style diet”. I don’t think I could ever be a vegan but I commend people for trying. Ive always wondered if going vegan was actually healthy or if it was just a trend.

    • I think the topic of veganism is very intriguing and I personally believe that being vegan can be beneficial your own health, to our environment, and it prevents factory farmed animals from being further abused and tortured. I think that if you had enough money to buy the large quantities of vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc, then being vegan would be a great diet. I think that our world is eating too many processed foods or too many steroid-pumped animals, and all of this is really not good for our bodies. Dairy causes a lot of inflammation in the stomach and red meat that is eaten too often has so many negatives to your health. So I do in fact agree that if you can do veganism efficiently, then it is a very healthy diet.

    • I thought this post was very interesting. I never would have thought of becoming vegan until I read this. However I do not think it would be very easy to make the switch.

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    What and interesting topic, I really enjoyed reading about it, those poor bees. While reading this I instantly thought about the Bee Movie, if you have seen it, it reminds me of the part of when the bees don’t have to work anymore supplying pollen to the flowers and making honey. The animated world in the movie was depicted as gloomy and…[Read more]

  • Malia, I like how you researched this topic. I would never have thought of this, but is true that confidence is a basic topic that people feel one might inherit. In this world their are many people who are confidence and I never thought that confidence was considered a choice. Everyone has their insecurities, I know I do. It is hard to be…[Read more]

  • It’s 2017 and becoming vegan is one of the top trends. Many people are vegan these days. I wanted to understand why it has become so popular. In doing research I found out a about veganism. Vegans are those who

  • I think it is crazy that we are watched even when we believe we are not. I agree with you Hector that there should be alternate ways of keeping track and protecting us but with privacy being applied. The real question is what could that way possibly be? How can we know who is on our side if don’t know what going one?

  • Recently in my AP English class,  we began to explore the thoughts and feelings of Sister Helen Prejean in her book Dead Man Walking. If one is not familiar with the book, Prejean in 1982 becomes close with a in

  • I really admire that you decided to do your thesis on something that is mostly put on the back burner. Being a black female. I do think police brutality is something to be addressed, especially for the sake of young black men. Who are sometimes targeted without doing anything. If you continue on with this topic definitely give some background on…[Read more]

  • What a good argument you have brought to the table Erik. With are recent presidential election I think there is a lot that can be said about the Electoral College and its good that the question if it is good or bad has been brought up. This is a very controversial topic and I think many people argue that it is unfair and doesn’t really exemplify a…[Read more]

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    I enjoyed this post; certainly not useless. It does help to ease ones mind and just reflect on the happier moments of life. Instead of stressing out about school, work, etc. It is sometimes nice to just sit and enjoy the little things even if it is just for a moment.

  • Anna, I think your on to something. Being senior in high school I have juggled sports, school, and homework for years. Sleep deprivation has become a second job for me. In some cases it has been because poor time management but in other cases teachers do tend to pile on homework failing to realize their class is not the only class we take. I…[Read more]

  • I agree with your statement that Black Lives Do Matter, being black female myself. But I also think that all lives matter, but I think people fail to realize that when that statement is said we are saying that black lives matter more, which is not true. It is just right now in our world black lives are being impacted more than others. It is true…[Read more]

  • Gary, I enjoyed reading this post and felt at ease while reading it. It feels good to know someone is looking into the inequity of domestic violence towards women. Being a young woman myself, I have personally never been treated in such a way, but that doesn’t mean it is not going on. I think I big place it happens is in the workforce, men look…[Read more]

  • Destiny, I loved reading this. It was very deep in its simplicity. I was able to put myself in your shoes, but in reality I will never be able to put myself in your shoes because we are from two different worlds, to different places. But, I want you to know I understand where you are coming from, when you say, ” I wonder why is everybody killing…[Read more]

  • Naomi, I totally agree that global warming is a major issue in our world today, something impossible to ignore. You make a good point when you say that it may not directly affect this generation, so it is easy to throw it under the rug, but it will be a problem for our children’s children’s. We ar in for a big mess if we don’t act now. The next…[Read more]

  • I think the acceptance of the LGBT community is a serious problem in world today, especially America. I like who addressed this post calling out the president. Are your referring to this upcoming election? Is there someone particular you had in mind? I do believe that it is time for acceptance for those different than us. It’s time for change.

  • One of the major issues in today’s current America is underage drinking. This brings up the question, “ should the legal drinking age be lowered.” There are many stands on the controversial topic. I looked int

    • I think that if we are able to join the army at the age of eighteen, as well as go to jail, we should be able to legally consume alcohol (or as in some countries, only beer and wine). I feel if we lower the age people would (hopefully) learn to safely limit drinking. This could also easily backfire, but as you stated, most college students under the age of 18 are illegal consuming alcohol anyways. I think the brain development argument should not be dismissed. I enjoyed reading this and would like to learn more on what our 2016 candidates feel, as well as statistics compared to other countries.

  • Greed is one of the many things humanity has in common. Some show greed more than others. But, at some point in time we all experience greed for short and long periods of times. In my research, I came across an

    • Very interesting topic. Do you think that greed can be society driven? Especially in very competitive societies like the US, where people will do anything to get more money and power. The more people have, do you think that causes people to get more greedy than people with less?

    • Dear Mayree:
      I am mesmerized by your post, “Controlling Greed,” because it is something that isn’t really talked about but it is such a big problem in our society now and days.
      Your post reminds me of something that happened to me. One time I feel like I used to be so greedy when I was young. My dad got a pretty good job and he started buying us so many new and nice stuff. I started to want more and more, when my dad quit his job I was really bummed out because I wouldn’t be getting the things I wanted anymore but now I see I have calmed down and i’m not like that anymore.

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