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School to Prison Pipeline: Time to Shut it Down

As small as detentions and suspensions seem, the reoccurrence of them as punishment are essentially giving kids permission to not be in school. In 2010 more than 3 million students were suspended. 3 million students who were given permission by their school to not be at school. The article exemplifies how suspensions serve the opposite purpose then what they’re intended […]

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Zero Tolerance

The article summarizes zero tolerance, giving information on the tactic. Zero tolerance policies do not have rehabilitation or support services. The article goes into different policies in different cities where the zero tolerance policies are being used and analyzes the effect it has on the schools and students. Despite it being meant for serious offenses, the policies are used as […]

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School-to-Prison Pipeline

ACLU Print this page. Author Maya

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Who is Most Affected by the School to Prison Pipeline?

The article written by American University expands on how dangerous the school to prison pipeline is for students of color. A big part of this would be the Zero Tolerance Policy and that it in fact stems from the war on drugs. It dramatically increases the number of students suspended and expelled from schools furthering the gap between the students […]

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Zodiac Book Review

Zodiac by Robert Graysmith is a perfect book for curiosity surrounding the Zodiac killer. The intense, frightening background of the killer makes the book what it is. The way the author takes you through the timeline of the Bay Area’s unknown killer is dark and addicting. The author gets you hooked on this mystery using his own fears and emotions […]

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Why is nuclear energy not only outrageous but inefficient?

Nuclear warfare is not only inhumane but inefficient against carbon emissions. The catastrophic events experienced in Japan are prime examples of the profound dangers as a result of nuclear warfare. Those who did survive had an 46% risk of leukemia. Nuclear energy is not only dangerous but incapable of fixing our climate issues. Despite the pros of it being cheaper […]

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