• MayaJudge

This book sounds interesting. I think it's good for a book to bring a lot of twists and keep you interested. I hear many people say how you have to "get through the first part and the rest is good". This is different because you're saying it's interesting from...

Saving the planet View Comment
  • @MayaJudge
  • January 21, 2022

Planting over a trillion trees and it blossomed from one guy and his classmates is impressive. It's a good to start to hopefully help climate chance. We need to do a lot more and hopefully people will get involved just like they did with this.

Final Goodbye. View Comment
  • @MayaJudge
  • January 21, 2022

I really appreciated this piece. This was very personal for me because I lost my grandpa to cancer a little over a month ago. You perfectly described how I felt and still do.

Safe View Comment
  • @MayaJudge
  • December 10, 2021

My favorite part of the poem was using other objects to describe another. Using descriptive words to convey a very clear image on what you want the reader to picture is very impressive.

This is an alarming threat because courtrooms are supposed to allow people to reach some type of justice and accountability. Now that that is being threatened, the justice system is being further pushed into the deep end. So many people have lost faith in our justice system and now...

Why Leadership Skills Are Important View Comment
  • @MayaJudge
  • December 10, 2021

Your own personal touch on why leadership skills are important is very relatable. At some point everyone wants to be their own leaders but some lack the skills or understanding for not only being a leader for themselves but others. This is an important realization for people to come...

Alzheimer’s Vaccine In the Works View Comment
  • @MayaJudge
  • December 10, 2021

This is a interesting article. It's good to see advancements in the medical field to finally discover that Alzheimers is a virus and vaccine is being developed.

Housing for Afghan Refugees View Comment
  • @MayaJudge
  • September 29, 2021

I was really interested to find out that Airbnb is opening up spaces for refugees. I haven't been completely up to date on the changes going on with the Afghan refugees, I am very interested to learn why the US left Afghanistan in the first place after so long...

A big misconception was that kneeling was a sign of disrespect towards America and its people. The symbolism was in support of those who have been targeted just like you mentioned. It would be interesting to see how Kaepernick was affected after his silent protest especially how the NFL...

I honestly did not think that student athletes would perform 2% higher on tests which is quite interesting. I think another good correlation topic would be how student athletes are able to get things done ahead of time to in order to avoid procrastinating. That would be another good...

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