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  • I love your work! It’s amazing to see an article bring light to such a hard to talk about topic. Especially a topic that is very frightening for young girls today. It’s interesting to read this and reflect on times where my self and maybe other young girls have experienced fear that they might be victims of this.

  • Maya commented on the post, women in prison

    This poem is well-written. Women in prison are often sexualized and seen as lesser to the prison guards. Women are horribly mistreated in the prison systems. A prime example is pregnant women. Pregnant women are often bound by handcuffs during birth, only to have at most one look at their child before being separated.

  • I love this post, it’s very hard to be a young woman and express my frustrations vividly. It’s quite interesting to look at woman in specific careers and the inequalities that differ from different workplaces. For example, women in STEM, there’s not that many and for me personally it’s hard to be confident about having a career in that category…Read More

  • Maya commented on the post, Housing for Afghan Refugees

    I was really interested to find out that Airbnb is opening up spaces for refugees. I haven’t been completely up to date on the changes going on with the Afghan refugees, I am very interested to learn why the US left Afghanistan in the first place after so long being located there.

  • A big misconception was that kneeling was a sign of disrespect towards America and its people. The symbolism was in support of those who have been targeted just like you mentioned. It would be interesting to see how Kaepernick was affected after his silent protest especially how the NFL treated him.

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