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  • Megan,

    I thought. you did a great job at displaying what you needed to in an organized manner. It is an important topic that many could relate to and I like how you introduced your topic and then led the reader into steps to take in order to deal with the stigma.


  • Maya wrote a new post

    Plastic Pollution

    Our ocean, the heart of the planet, the magnificent body of water that covers more than two-thirds of the Earth’s surface, and the reason for many essential benefits for humans. It is why people are able to live. The...

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  • Hi Maia,

    I really like your ideas of how social media can be better used despite the cons it presents. You give the reader ideas that support your claim that social media can be shown in a positive light through the education system. I also like how you started off your post by recapturing what you said in your last post to connect these…Read More

  • Maya wrote a new post

    More About AAC: Augmentative and Alternative Communication

    AAC or augmentative and alternative communication is essential for those who are troubled with severe speech or language problems. It is a way for them to feel included by using a different kind of speech. AAC includes all the...

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  • Hi Liann

    I think your post is very interesting and think you formatted everything very well. It was very easy for me to read and I agree with you that a second language would be very beneficial to all. I also agree with you when you said that a second form of communication could provide a foundation for success later in life.


  • Maya wrote a new post

    A Unique Practice in Sweden

    Although actively avoiding talking to strangers sounds cold, it is a common practice in Sweden. Swedes even have terms for small talk that translate to “cold talk” or “dead talk” (Nilsson).  This emphasizes the Swedes disdain for talking about...

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    • I found your article “A Unique Practice in Sweden” very interesting because I wasn’t aware that they do this. Something that stood out to me was “A different hypothesis about how this practice came to be is how Sweden has a relatively low number of citizens for how large the country is (Nilsson). ” I didn’t know that they had a low population, but I see the connection as to how it would cause there to be less small talk. I also like how you added the part about them being very nice people just not wanting to engage in a conversation unless it will be a meaningful one. Thank you for sharing this, I look forward to reading more of your work.
      – Wendy

  • Hi Kaileigh,

    I like how you decided to use the topic of the power of language to describe the concept of communicating between cultures. I also like how you make it known that very few are bilingual and that more people need to know the importance of knowing more then one language because it “opens doors between two groups.”

    You also…Read More

  • Maya wrote a new post

    Communication: Possible For All

    The power of language - an integral way that humans communicate. It shapes the world and culture through speech, writing, and language. These forms are primary tools of communication in everyday life. If you take a second to think...

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    • I agree and support this blog post because I also think that the power of language stems from communication. Language creating relationships is a common I see throughout our everyday world. I like how you mentioned that even the deaf and blind have a way to communicate with others because it shows how strong the power of language is.

    • I really enjoyed this blog post and agree that language is so powerful because it allows all people to communicate, even those who can not use speech. I really like how you mentioned that it gives one control over the way that they interact with others because I agree that language gives the speaker control over their attitude, opinions, and judgement of others which all impact the overall interaction between two people.

  • Karla,
    Thank you so much for you feedback, I really appreciate it!!

  • Maya wrote a new post

    The Single Story of Women and How Empathy Plays a Role

    The term, a single story, is described by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie as a narrative that is endlessly repeated about someone, only revealing one truth about him or her. The danger with this is not that it is untrue, but...

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    • Maya,
      I really enjoyed reading this blog post because it was filled with detailed information not only from facts but from your opinions as well. I like how you started off the post by letting the readers know what a single story is and how is can affect one’s life. The post was very detailed and easy to read. I also wrote about women and how they are seen in life, and I really liked your ideas on how we can fix this. I believe that there needs to be change, and I enjoyed reading what you had to say!

  • Emily, I loved how you presented this idea that empathy plays a major role in relationships because I, too, had said something similar in my blog post. Your introduction paragraph does a good job of leading your reader into your second paragraph. With that being said, I think you organized your thoughts well in this post and reading your blog was…Read More

  • Hi Rohan, I really like how your introduction paragraph brought the readers into the idea of the importance of empathy. In you introduction you introduce what being an American means. This then brings us into the core values of empathy. You discuss how empathy is needed the American society and will be needed for years to come.



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