• Foundation is one part of a long series containing seven separate books about the fall and rebuilding of the Milky Way’s Galactic Empire. Foundation, the second in the series focuses on the collapse of the Empire

  • Nicely done, love the analysis. You go into such great depth about guilt and internal thoughts of Macbeth. Macbeth is such a great example of remorse and the fear of karma that the actions he take to protect himself are show us more about his mindset and the inner workings of his psyche.

  • Hecate’s monologue in act three in which she scolds the three Witches shows us much more about her character and her relationship with the three Witches. By understanding Hecate further we can better understand t

    • Dear Max,
      this analysis is amazing! I found that your points regarding the potential motives Hecate was driven by were extremely interesting. The way that you were able to discuss the true aspects of her character in such detail was very informative- and provided tons of insight on how she was able to impact the story as a whole. You were also able to identify the themes in the text (like the impact of fate on the main cast), and expand on it; while connecting it to Hecate (which I think is super interesting). All in all, you did a great job, and I look forward to reading your next textual analysis!! :>

    • Dear Max,

      I am amazed by your performance of this monologue, because of the accuracy that it portrays, i had never realized how much so most female characters are associated with magic, like you mentioned with the witches. I think that the same claim can be made for lady Macbeth, she definitely has those moments of being seemingly connected with spirits(or at least times that she thinks she is). Its also possible that when looking at it through the lens of freud that the all female characters are depicted as having powers over men, because of the so called “penis envy”.

      Anyways i can’t wait to see more of your work.

    • Dear Maximiliana:
      I am very interested about your perfomance of the monologue, “On Hecate’s Monologue,” by maximiliana because it elaborates on the idea of hecates and her relationship with the 3 witches/ weird sisters. I like how you emphasize the character hecate.
      One line that stands out for me is, mistress of your charms.” Your tone in this line is proud, and I think you were able to express this because of your pitch that you said this in. it sounded really proudly said because when someone says something like that they are usually gassing themselves
      Another line that stands out for me is, ‘’did you dare, trade and traffic with macbeth? ” I think this line is mad because when you say Did You Dare you gave it a really strong pronunciation and grew your voice and sounded like you were pissed off. It showed how mad you were and it had an accent so it made it sound so good
      Your performance of this monologue helps me to understand this character better because it shows thew way they act and how they are. This showed how good you preformed this monologue. And it shows how her relationship with the witches is. Which creates a big idea.
      Thanks for your performance of this monologue. I look forward to seeing what you make next

    • Dear Ms. McEwen:
      I am impressed by your performance of Hecate’s monologue.
      One part that stands out for me is, “Have I not reason, beldams as you are,
      Saucy and overbold?”. Your tone in this line is serious and assertive, and I think you were able to express this because of how you changed the speed in your voice to show the importance of your words. Another that stands out for me is, “And I, the mistress of your charms, the close contriver of all harms, was never called to bear my part or show the glory of our art?” I think these lines are critical because it showed the meaning of Hecate’s appearance and monologue. Your performance of this monologue helps me to understand this character better because hearing the words of a very self-righteous and demanding character from a person of very similar traits made it very simple to understand the true tone and meaning of the monologue.
      Thanks for your performance of Hecate’s monologue. I look forward to seeing what you make next. I would love to read and hear more of your work in the future, especially if it’s to read a monologue as eloquent and skillful as this one.

  • In my opinion, Autobiographies don’t truly show what a person is like or who they are. It is my understanding that biographies only show the facts not the personality of a person. So, as is probably

    • Oh! Another sci fi fan! Ever seen any Star Trek? Or Battlestar Galactica, those are two of my favorite sci fi shows. I prefer TV shows for the genre. I similarly disdain writing bio’s so I feel you on that. XP

    • I find it interesting how you don’t believe autobiographies paint a true picture of a person. In a sense I guess you’re right! A writer can cherry-pick through all the fact of their lives to find the ones they would like to be know by. This makes me curious, how effective do you believe your short autobiography is or did you knowingly leave out some details, or perhaps even mistakenly? Speaking from experience I too am an artist, particularly via the medium of acrylic paint and I used to only paint landscapes but now I am experimenting with portraiture. However, in an autobiography I might leave out the fact that my singing voice is awful and I can’t hold a tune to save my life! Overall you gave me some very interesting things to think about in just a sentence or two and I’d love to come back and find an essay about reality and fallacy… you could even go a little sci-fi on it! Happy writing and hey maybe you’ll enjoy this https://psychology.iresearchnet.com/social-psychology/self/self-presentation/

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    Dear Anaee,
    Your bio is very well detailed, and heart felt. I think that your statement about not truly knowing one’s self fully was very clever and thoughtful. I also sympathize with your dislike of school subjects as they can be very boring at certain times depending on the content of the class, and the teacher. Your entire bio is very t…[Read more]

  • Dear Sapphire,
    Your bio is very relatable as I too laugh at the most ridiculous things, and I also have a bit of a short temper. I really felt that your description of visiting your nana was similar to how I enjoy my time with my grandfather when I can. Another point that I sympathize with would be your determination as it is a key factor in…[Read more]

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