• One American value that always seems to show up when talking about these things is equality. So why is it that America is still so unequal? I’m not talking about racial inequality, or gender inequality, but a

  • Everyone has different ideas about what American values are. Everyone has different opinions on whether or not we are living up to those values. However, most Americans would agree on certain similar values.


    • I agree with your point that we value freedom, equality and opportunity. I strongly agree that opportunity is the biggest part of America. Lot of people come to the United States to achieve their American Dream. I like your article overall and there’s some good ideas.

    • Hi Maxim,
      I like how straight to the point you were about American values. You clearly stated equality, freedom, and opportunity and had evidence to back it up. However, I would like to see you work more on your claim. I feel like your claim was a little too broad especially when you want freedom, equality and opportunity to be the main points in your writing. I suggest adding another sentence to your claim, ” However, most Americans would agree on certain similar values,” It would add a stronger introduction to your values.
      Overall, great effort!

    • I like how you used the word melting pot to describe American being diverse and accepting different cultures. I also thought it was interesting how you brought up an old history fact which is unique instead of just talking about equality!

  • David, this is a very thought-provoking question. If everything did happen for a reason, then the universe would be predetermined from the start. This would raise other questions, like if we have free will or not. With philosophical questions like this one, there likely will never be a definitive answer, but it is definitely interesting to see…[Read more]

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