• My name is Mauro Delpino and I am working on my senior project  Did you know that 56.6% of Charter Schools are located in cities? This identifies that half of schools are charter schools. Assuming that the other

    • Hey Mauro! Your topic, the effect of charter schools on public school spending, is fascinating to me. We are all required by law to go to school, so why do some schools get more than others? It really stood out to me that you noted that the small amount of charter schools seem to be draining money from the public schools and limiting the resources available to students like you. The bold font really made your post easy to read and piece together.

      When I looked through your cited sources, specifically the website (https://www.greatschools.org/california/oakland/schools/?st=charter.) and used the “Refine Search” button to search for charter schools and public schools, I found 48 public charter schools and precisely 100 public district schools in Oakland. Checking your math at the top; 48 public charter schools + 100 public district schools = 148 publicly funded schools; 48 charter / 148 publicly funded = .3243, or 32.4% of publicly funded schools are charter schools. This statistic makes your post even scarier than it has been, that such a small percentage of publicly funded schools (less than a third) are charter and those charter schools receive disproportionate funding.

      I also found another source for you to consider: the California Charter Schools Association (CCSA) claims several interesting counterpoints to what you observe, most notably that charter schools receive about $600 less per student than a traditional public school.

      I am looking forward to seeing what you can do with this topic! Your position could be very strong especially if you can prove what the CCSA says is wrong. Thank you for your wonderful post!


    • This is a very intriguing concept Mauro,
      I like how you are incorporating something that you have personally been affected by into your assignment. What you are saying about the lack of funding that charter schools in your area recieves is an important issue that should be addressed. Something that could be included in your text is a way to provide support for these schools, specifically the one you attend. How can you shed awareness on the lack of resources your school provides? What can be done to improve the spending that these charter schools need?
      I have found an article that may help to show what it takes to improve a school’s budget, as well as spending.
      Thank you for your ideas, and I hope you continue to write because the way you posed this article was astounding. Best regards

    • Mauro,

      That is a very interesting subject. I liked how you said “charter schools seem to be draining money from the public schools and limiting the resources available to students like you.” It makes your argument more personal. However, I also think you could add another aspect to your research. Have you considered adding how teachers feel about teaching in charter schools? I think this aspect would really expose the point you are trying to make about charter schools. Also, I found a source that you could look into about how teachers feel about working at charter schools. I look forward to reading your research project because I think it will be interesting to see this new perspective on charter schools.

    • Mauro, this is definitely an interesting topic. I like that it is personal to you, since that makes you more motivated and passionate about it. The way I understand your topic is that charter schools, although they have less students than public schools, have more money and resources. One website I found that may help you in your research is https://www.greatschools.org/gk/articles/public-private-charter-schools/ . I hope to read more of your work on this topic in the future.

    • Mauro,
      Thanks for your information, I enjoyed this article. One issue with it, however, is that just because “56.6% of Charter Schools are located in cities”, it is not certain that fifty percent of the city’s schools are charter schools. This doesn’t necessarily mean that public schools get more funding, so the issue is certainly still a major one, but I would make sure that your research includes accurate logic in your arguments. I am personally very concerned for the public school system and its lack of funding, as well. What do you think could be done to fix the problem? Do you think higher taxes on certain groups would be beneficial to your school, and others like it?
      Here is a great source for you: http://www.in-perspective.org/pages/finances
      I look forward to hearing back from you.

    • Mauro, it would make sense that 56% of the nation’s charter schools are located in the cities because that is where the most people live, which can be related to diversity of interests leading to the benefit of charter schools. This is a quite peculiar interest that you have, but I am all ears to hear about how charter schools take away from the public school systems. As a matter of fact, I actually was unaware that charter schools were limiting the resources and funds of public schools. I was drawn to reading this article because I have never read much on the differences between public and charter schools. I have had friends who have gone to both public and charter schools, and there didn’t seem to be too much of a difference on the surface of both. To further your research, I challenge you to further explain the differences of public and charter schools. What are your teachers’ opinions on this issue? If possible, ask charter school teachers questions on why they think charter schools “deserve” more funding and resources. Maybe try to find what the government has to say on this issue. I encourage you to read through the article I found which explains many differences between charter and public schools and some reasons as to why things are the way they are.
      This will be a very interesting final paper to read through, and I hope you the best with your research. It would be amazing to see behind the scenes of why public schools, who cater to the majority, are not treating their students with equality of opportunity.

  • Dear Leaders of America,


    My name is Mauro Delpino. I am from Oakland, California. I am 17 years old and I currently attend Fremont HIgh School. For a class project, I researched and analyzed the events of

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      I really like that in your post you not only expressed your opinion but you also brought forth your experiences and observations. I agree that the Unites States needs to change drastically and I especially liked that you pointed out that we are the United States, not the divided states. Your topic was very current and very interesting to me, thank you for your thoughts.

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