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    Birds are now safe from the bird flu.

    This story was about how bird flu cases dropped because many scientists and veterinarians put together a cure to help birds out and kill the disease. This may be helpful to many people because now people know they can...

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    • Hi Matthew! I found your discussion submission interesting—specifically, your comment about the struggle to find the cure for bird flu. I have never considered the impacts of bird flu and how it affects how scientists and veterinarians work with birds.
      I would have loved it if you linked the article so I could read more about Tom Copas and his bird donations. I think it would be beneficial if you elaborated on the turkey donations and Tom Copas’s story so readers are not confused with this addition of information at the end of your submission.

    • Matthew, this topic is very alarming, thanks for bringing attention to it. The bird flu has been negatively affecting many peoples day-to-day lives like farmers, veterinarians and bird owners. It’s really good news that cases have dropped. And donations from Tom Copas are very generous to the cause. I think it would be great if you could add more information to where the flu started spreading and how it affected the white meat industry like chicken and turkey.



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