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I Remember Poem

“Old Men Playing Basketball,” by B.H Fairchild, Read by Matthew

where i’m from

she got really nervous like any other mother would do

this is horrible for a kid to not even go outside because he might get shot

this is showing a concerned mother and she want her child not to be harmed

i agree

i think she was finally tired of the disrepect that her family was taking and stood up for the family

i agree

i think she doesn't like trish because she not a chruch girl like her daughters and mad about fonny having a kid before he is even married

this means she really has feelings for him and she is staring to see it now

Why people are protesting and getting mad at the death of innocent Black people

this is a very interesting cliffhanger

i agree

i agree

trish is so nervous to tell some her her family, and it a good thing that her mom is supporting her


i agree

that's her own opinion this is the best city in the world

this is real love because i seen people leave their relationship due to their lover going to jail

the person has manners

“Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods” kept me hooked through the whole story

i agree

why is he in jail and for how long

i agree

im guessing these two are lovers

Plot Analysis Of Death Of A Salesmen.

Plot analysis of 12 angry men

seems like his father was not supported him on what he was trying to do and wanted him to like all the other boys on the block

this is terrible because he saying you “HAVE” to accept them like your forced to.

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