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    I really like your blog and how you express your feelings about immigrants and how oakland protects them most of the time. I also think that your evidence is really good too and the examples you give are really clear.

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    Dear Martha,

  • Why Does Marijuana Get Such A Bad Rep??

    Have you ever wondered why marijuana has such a big stigma?people think teens using marijuana is bad. Based on the research and the people I have interviewed, the main

    • Dear Matthew

      I am agreeing with your article “Why does marijuana get such bad rep” because you are right that it is harmless. Also that people think bad of it because since the government said this one thing then everyone start believing the government because he is like “right”. One sentence that stands out for me is “the government so they did not want marijuana to be seen as medical” because marijuana could be really helpful but since it’s not seen as a medical help for the government then people believe its harmful. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because your articles are very interesting.

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      Dear, Matthew
      I really like how you started by asking a question and then answering it a few sentences after asking the question. Also in your analysis for your second paragraph which states, “This quote is addressing that in the 90’s, before 1996, it used to be illegal to smoke marijuana medicinally and legally meaning that people who needed medical marijuana to survive or for natural pain relief would have needed to take narcotics to ease the pain. This means that people who had cancer would need chemotherapy and would be criminalized if they smoked marijuana even if the marijuana makes them feel relaxed and make them go to sleep”. I liked how you added this because it shows how you really did your research about your topic. Also because I honestly didn’t know about this so I pretty much just learned something from reading your blog. I also noticed that you used the word stigma a decent amount in your paragraph which shows how you are using some of the vocab we learned about and you are using it correctly. Your blog was really good keep up that good work.

  • dear Wendy,
    i really love the way your poem was made i think it was really beautiful and one of kind and the whole messedge was really good the way you worded everything made me feel like you had put a lot of effort into your poem keep up the good work❤❤

  • love and war

    my story is based on romeo and juliet and is based in oakland cuz theirs alot of gangs and also a lot of people in love or hopeless lovers.


    All these false stereotypes make me feel

    • Dear Matthew,

      I am proud about your poem , “Love and War”, because you connect to the story about Romeo and Juliet and create it about something that happens in Oakland. I really liked how you explain where the non- privileged people live and where the “privilege people” live in Oakland. Something that I like about your poem was that you talked about “street art” because we have a lot of street art in Oakland. One part of your poem line that stands out to me is ,“The most interesting thing is the division between the Oakland hills and the flat lands we know”. This connects to the whole community of Oakland because there’s a lot of division and gentrification going on in Oakland. Something you can work on it’s to capitalized the words that need to be capitalized. Make sure next time you reread your work. After all, your poem is amazing.

    • Hey, My name is Jocelyn go add me on instagram @Joceegobrazzy. I really like the part where you said “This separation will soon lead to desperation the desperation turns to fascination and soon all the dreams will vanish. This sentence is hella strong because a lot of families that get separated may feel or feel like this and it’s sad to even think about it. Your poem is very strong lmao when you said “All these false stereotypes make me feel bad like crack babies.” that had me weak. Okayyy another than that I really liked your poem.

      Sincerely, Jocelyn Figueroa

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    dear irvin,
    I really liked your box and the baby pictures and how you out them in to represent your childhood and i also really like the peso you put inside the box cuz i used to have a coin and they were are really heavy.

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    dear Kenya,
    i really like the way your shadow box looks and the baby pictures are very cool

  • My shadow box represents my dominant narratives(outside of the box) and my counter narratives(inside of box. The reason I chose what I chose on the outside was because I think that the majority of people that look

    • Matthew I like how you did your shadow box because of the pictures I feel like they stand out.

    • Matthew i think that it is cool the way you give examples of dominant and counter narratives

    • Dear Matthew,

      Thank you for sharing your work. My name is Socorro Lopez and I am a student at Fremont High School.
      Something I liked about your work was the way that you expressed yourself in your pictures and the pictures really stand out on your shadow box.
      Something that I think would make your shadow box better is more decorations that stand out with your pictures otherwise you did a good job with your shadow box.Please feel free to comment on my work in the future. The address of my student blog is http://socorrolfhs2022.edublogs.org/2018/11/06/assignment-3-the-identity-shadow-box/
      Thank You!

  • good job nevin this is epic its matthew and im doing this for extra credit cuz im kinda failing portugals but i like the oakland postcard
    sincerly, matthew

  • sir aaron,

    its matthew, what I liked about your box was your baby picture and how you value your parents alot and that without them you wouldent be a good kid. the other things i liked about your box were that you put the flafs and that you explain the dominant naratives

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