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    Is Video Gaming a Sport?

    The 2019 League of Legends World Championship, one of the most famous video game tournaments in the world, drew nearly 100 million viewers. Esports, or computer games, are another term for video game competitions. Esports have been increasingly common...

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  • Hey Maria. I agree with your post as a whole because I believe that it’s important that as a child, we get accustom to reading. I say this due to the fact that we take in the most information and create potential life long habits as children, so it would be extremely beneficial if certain influences around children (parents, teachers, etc.) would…Read More

  • Dear Rosa,

    I am surprised by your post, “Did you have struggles finding a job?” because I never really thought about how the coronavirus hit others across the globe. I think it’s great sharing information that many people like me aren’t informed about, especially about this whole pandemic going on. Something that stuck out was, “The European…Read More

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    Hello Litzy, I enjoyed reading through the stats of cases and how you expressed the two different sides of the type of stance on the situation of COVID-19 vaccines. It’s also interesting reading your thoughts on the situation, I think the answer to this is somewhat subjective depending on the person something that intrigued me from your post was:…Read More

  • Hey Thomas. I enjoyed reading your post, “Electric Car Batteries,” because you bring up an issue that, to me, not many people talk about, even though it’s a widely known topic. It’s an issue that no one can find a realistic solution to, but at least try to take a step in finding that solution we hope to achieve. Something that I find interesting…Read More

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