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    Hugs are like Hawaii

    They come after all the fighting

    All those debates and ideas spewed in the air like the vulgarness that spreads from our mouths


    Hugs are meant for those who are genuine, the ones who

    • this is so cute. it makes me cry. you are really good at poetry

    • Hello Matthew,

      This poem is so adorable OMG. Plus, hugs are really essential for all humans, because it gives us a feeling of safety and warmth that no other affection gesture can do!
      Love it.

    • Hello Matthew,

      Nice work! I like that this seems genuine, and think that it is a cool comparison.

    • I really like this piece. It puts hugs into a different perspective. I’m not the type to really hug but reading this makes me rethink it. I loved the ending as well it was very cute.

    • I really like this. Ive been told by people that i give the best hugs. Its a great way to calm.

    • I enjoyed reading this poem. Very sweet and heartfelt. Great work 🙂

    • I really like the poem. It was genuine and it had a powerful message about hugs.

    • Hey Matthew,

      This poem made me feel warm inside. It was a very moving and heartfelt poem.

  • Maybe I am the rose that grew from concrete
    or maybe I am the crevice where the beauty grows

    the same thing that allows beauty to show
    that skids across the page
    the same thing that you need to cover and

    • This is a very Beautiful poem. I really enjoyed reading it. 🙂

    • Mathew,

      This was a beautiful poem. There was so much meaning and fight in so few words. You have a gift and I hope you continuing writing. I would love to read some more of your pieces. Do you have any tips for writing poetry? I am working on improving mine.

      Thanks, Emily

    • this made me think that life is worth it. that i should be happy

    • This left me speechless. Every word you have written pierces through my mind, making me feel every emotion I believe this is trying to convey. It’s absolutely beautiful.

    • Matthew,
      This is top-notch poetry man, really makes you think. I feel like I’m being two stories at once and near the end the stories combine into one very powerful message.

    • This is so touching. Its so descriptive and really gets your mind and thoughts flowing. I really enjoyed it, definitely a keeper! it makes me wonder what other thoughts you have in your head and It also lets me connect with it very well. It really touched my soul. I enjoyed it! thank you 🙂

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    i like the how you describe yourself so simplistically. how with few words you say just what you need to. you describe feelings that more or less everyone has felt.

  • your poem is one of the most honest depictions of life and our need for motivation or our need to feel wanted. i can honestly relate to the feelings portrayed by both the picture and the poem. the feeling of lonesomeness and what has led us to that point but what we need to remember in the confusion.

  • i like the way you describe yourself. by objectifying yourself, you give the reader a sense of disconnect in my opinion. a way where we look and cant help but to see you as larger than yourself. as people take from you we feel a sense of hopelessness that many people might find themselves in.

  • These ridges I fear
    The ones outside made to cover the ones within
    The darkness between each crevice, the nights of lone coldness
    The way I feel,
    The way I rub others.

    The feeling they get, how others do

    • I really appreciate this poem. I love poetry and I love it even more when there is a distinct writing style that is fluent and also meaningful. Thank you for sharing this because I can gather that from this that you can feel suppressed and I love how you relate this feeling to a pine cone. I love the line you wrote that says “I do not know their intentions as these scales flake away” because when I read that line I interpret it as you don’t know how people will react or how they will treat you once you show them the deeper sides to you; the layer beneath that flaking scales that could invite cruel intentions.

    • I’m loving your writing style and this piece! It’s a bit confusing to me, for example, when you say “Scolded by my own doing/ I know what has been done/ Yet the eyes are focused outside” it leaves me with a chilling image, but a still very vague idea of what you are saying. This style reminds me a bit of how Sylvia Plath writes sometimes- it’s more about feeling, tone, and image than the actual words. This was beautiful! Thank you!

    • This piece is very unique, you have a great voice, a little vague though. I liked how you used this description of a pinecone to describe yourself and your own oppression. You have a lot of tone and emotion in your writing which is so strong and beautiful.

    • I really like this poem simply because of the metaphors used, and what it actually represents.

    • i like how you added your motions into this poem, it sounds as if you’re trying to send a message out there i also like the fact that how u made it short nut is also so meaningful.

  • I remember the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. theme song, its chorus revolving around my most said mistake
    I remember the love that was kept from myself or was never there in the first place
    I remember looking towards the clouds.

    • I think this relates with real life emotions. It’s a very good poem that express a lot of feelings. It also says that we allow ourselves to be consumed by things of little importance, and that’s actually true so it talks about very realistic things.

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  • I am from the sweat off my mother’s brow
    From the late night arthritis, shaking to feed our hungry mouths

    I am from the place where no one saw anything
    And everyone is innocent

    I am from the place where a

    • Matthew,

      This was a very motivational piece, and shined a new light on the harsher subjects of living as a teenager during this time. I really appreciate your work and hope that others will as well. Thank you.

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