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  • Hi Oscar,
    I really enjoyed reading your post. It was very well written and well thought out. I agree that diversity is a very important thing and integral to society. The melting pot is a good thing.


  • Hi Katie,
    I agree that it is great the environment has been able to recover a bit during this time.
    Your post was very interesting as well.


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    Coronavirus will change the World

    The coronavirus is going to permanently change the world. It already has, and will continue to do so until the pandemic ends. We are right in the middle of it right now, but once it is all over I...

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    • It was strange how quickly our world change in a matter of a few months. I think this article is important, because it predicts that we will always hesitancy about shaking hands or unnecessary contact with objects and people. We would change forever because of this pandemic. In some ways Matthew was right, and in others he was wrong. All of the warning signs about not touching your face and staying 6 feet apart have been worn down and not bothered to be put back up. At the local Wal-Mart, workers are counting are making sure you have a mask at the front, but then there is a whole variety of ways the mask are worn improperly by the time you reach the milk. I think the overall fear that Matthew suggested would linger for years has already begun to fade. As schools are at there half-way point and hopes for a vaccine is coming, our awareness is receding quickly. I think the start of the new year has made people even more desperate to leave 2020 and Covid-19 in the past, even if we are not finished yet.

    • This is an interesting article to reflect on now that we are over one year into covid-19 globally. It is crazy to reminisce on how we thought it would be over so quickly and how it wouldn’t affect our lives too much. Mathew says that fear will stay with us constantly but see, this is already not the case and we are still amidst the pandemic. As the number of deaths and cases increased the fear decreased. This is dangerous. People became bored and did not believe it to be as terrifying since they had already lost so much. It is important to wear masks and keep apart but this has also been fading for some time as well. People are tired and they miss interaction too.

    • The Corona virus did permanently change the world, but I do not think that it will last much longer. People’s reactions to the regulations and virus were originally in fear, but it turned from a fear into more of a nuisance, which could potentially be dangerous for people. I think Matthew is right when describing the corona virus and how it made people feel in the beginning, but after almost a year of it I do not think the mentality he speaks of exists.

  • Hi Zania,
    I agree that this issue is very important and being taken seriously enough. If something is not done soon, it will eventually be too late. Here is an article about the plastic issue I found interesting.

  • Hi Ben,
    I thought this post did a great job on educating people about the wildfires. The part about affecting ecosystems as well as humans was interesting. Here is an article I found about the topic.
    Thanks, Matthew

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