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  • I agree with you, Alexandra! In such a time like this, wearing a mask can protect life. Whether you know them personally or not we as a nation should take one for the team and wear a mask when in public spaces or gatherings for the safety of our fellow Americans at high risk. When discussing the topic of nationalism or trust in our national…Read More

  • Mathew commented on the post, Big Data

    Cecilia, I loved your response! I liked how you shared a time when you read about the impacts of Big Data and how you ended your response with valuable pressing questions. This shows you were engaged as a reader and truly care about the subject Gus has presented. Big Data is a pressing worldwide issue that many people are aware of but don’t…Read More

  • Zoe, I enjoyed reading this post because it informed me on the topic of teen suicide rates in Utah. As a resident born and raised, I know a lot of people who have struggled with severe depression and have either committed/ attempted to commit suicide. However, I am aware that depression is popular among this generation/ in general but I didn’t…Read More

  • Conner, I enjoyed reading your post “Marijuana In Sports”! It’s a new topic so I am uneducated and curious as to how this will go down. I liked how you added some facts about it being “one of the top substances on the banned substance list” and thinking about younger generations looking up to the popular athletes. My stance would simply be that as…Read More

  • Mathew wrote a new post

    Effects of Covid-19 on Kids and Adolescents

    With current situations being how they are, and being a senior in high school having my own personal experiences, I decided to research the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on kids/ adolescents and what are the best ways their...

    Read More
    • Hi Matthew, great article! As someone who seems likes online school and actually does well with it, it’s interesting to see the flip side of things. I think most kids are struggling with being alone all day in their rooms and a lack of socialization. This probably leads to motivation loss and other negative effects. I completely agree that we must watch our screen time during online learning. I feel that I and many other high schoolers can find ourselves spending more than four hours a day on our phones during online learning. They are an easy distraction especially when there aren’t teachers to supervise us. Anyway, great article, thanks for the insight!

    • Mathew,
      Your post immediately stuck out to me because I also made a Covid related post, so I felt it was just right to read and comment on yours. I think this is a topic that is extremely important to look at, especially with adolescents who still need help understanding the severity of the virus, while still being about to stay optimistic. I loved your conclusion because it recognizes that this pandemic has taken a “mental toll” on all of us and that we just need to stay optimistic.

    • I am interested in your post “Effects of Covid-19 on Kids and Adolescents” because I know so many people that have been impacted negatively. I also think that many teens are changing and they don’t know how to deal with it. One sentence that you wrote that stood out to me was “There are common stressors such as not being able to see friends, family, play sports and go to public places “. I think this is relatable because I am a senior in high school and there’s a chance that I won’t do all the senior activities. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to what you write next.

    • Hey Matthew, very interesting post. I too have felt the mental symptoms of the lockdown. I’m just grateful that my family is tolerable to be around. At the beginning of the lockdown, as an introvert, I felt at ease. But a couple of months later having no physical, close-up interactions with people have started to get to me. I started begging my parents to let me hang out with friends, which is very unusual. I’ve never had such a strong feeling of loneliness as I do now under lockdown. I really appreciate the advice about changing my mindset. I feel like everyone, including me, has put their heads in small boxes blinding themselves to the opportunities they have while being at home all day.


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