• Erin. This is a really neat idea for a project. Stem cell research and research in this field alone is very controversial but they outcomes (if they are as successful as they say they are and if their research is as accurate as they claim it is) then I believe that further research and science into this topic is mandatory. Awesome research topic…[Read more]

  • Tom, really cool topic and I think that it is something that can be applied to much of the world of high respect – high class positions. With many of the Presidents, CEO’s and corporate leaders of the world today, many fall into these positions in a very random manner. Some (like the NFL or other national sports agencies) work their way through…[Read more]

  • In schools, around communities, and at the family dinner table, political leaders, parents, and teachers cannot stress enough about the cost of using drugs. In a  modern society with vast technology and more

    • Very interesting! I heard a while back that some pain killers that are sold by pharmaceutical companies actually have opioids which can lead to abuse of heroin. Do you think that there are any prescription drugs that are like this?

      Very interesting! Can’t wait to see what else you dig up.

    • I think that you made some very good points. I think that it is easy for the government to enforce criminal penalties and to warn against illicit drugs but it is hard to crackdown on drugs that most people will take during their lifetime, and that are prescribed by doctors.

  • Drug abuse is something that is seen in every community, town, city and state. From alchol abuse to abuse of opiate based drugs like Heroine, drug abuse is an epidemic that is destroying peoples lives. From a

  • This is a really cool topic. I think that people dwell of brands and they use it as a way to show status and as a way to gain social altitude. There are so many things in this world that are super expensive and pretty pointless, but due to a certain name or connotation, people will spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars on these items.

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    This is an awesome post! If you are interested in learning more about this, I highly recommend the film ‘Pump’ which is a documentary that looks into Ethanol and cleaner fuel options. It is such an interesting debate and the science behind it is really cool. I believe just like you that America needs to shift to cleaner fuel sources. Brazil is a…[Read more]

  • Such a simple act to prevent a disease! I have grown up learning about bed nets, and how they successfully prevent the spread of malaria. Malaria is a disease that can be controlled with little to no money (compared to other diseases) that there should be no reason why every child cannot have a bed net to protect them from this god awful disease.…[Read more]

  • Very well written. I enjoyed your post and think that you have a very good outlook on this sort of issue. I agree that the world that we live in today constantly tries to hide or mask things that could cause controversy, rather than simply just living and seeing the world for how it is. I use the example all the time of TV rating and how certain…[Read more]

  • Live and growing up in Utah my entire life, I have been infected with “ski bum syndrome”. This is an extremely infection disease which is not curable and easily transmitted. Utah is home to several of the worlds

    • Hi Mason, I like this post. It sounds like you are passionate about skiing, as am I. You make valid points, but there are a lot of distracting surface errors. I suggest next time proof reading because the grammar is a bit off and distracts me from your main point. For example, hyperthermia means overheating of the body versus hypothermia (which I think you meant) that means your body loses all heat. Also, I think to make your point stronger you could look into why the prices are sky rocketing, why you think it will hurt the economy, and possibly a solution you think can work to appease locals and ski resorts.

    • Mason, you made good points. The fact that prices are skyrocketing will cause people to stray away form skiing, even if they love it, which is sad. I have found that many ski resorts have a whole year pass which is a pretty good deal and isn’t that expensive. It rents out skis for not that much so you just have to stay warm. But I live in Michigan, I don’t know about Utah.

    • Hi,
      I never knew that this was a problem. I come from a lower income background and one of the reasons I was never able to enjoy the experience of skiing was because of the money. It is expensive, as you stated, and I believe that it will hurt your state’s economy as well. Here in Michigan we also have a lot of skiing as well. Thank you for your incredible post.

    • Nice angle of being a ski bum! I know all about the syndrome. I would advise looking over your paper next time for grammar and spelling issues. Other than that I know the pains of expensive skiing and it hurts me too. I would suggest if you are an avid skier to get a season pass early in the year to get it at its best prices! I also think that the ski business is doing exactly what it wants to be doing, catering to the wealthy because those are their main customers and people are willing to pay these exorbitant prices to ski. I would not worry that our economy will be hurt by this raise in prices because they don’t lose customers from it. If it were really dragging people away they would need to lower the prices.

    • I like this post a lot. I feel the same way you do about the situation> I love to ski but the expenses of the activity have greatly risen within the last couple decades. There are some grammatical errors that need to be fixed and well as fixing some of your sentence structures but otherwise it is a well written piece. If you could also strengthen your paragraphs by adding more examples and details I think it would make the article even better.

    • Good article. I completely agree with the argument that you have made about the cost of skiing being too high. I find myself often meeting many people that have lived in Utah and other places where skiing is common and have never skied before. And the same excuse they all give is that it is “too expensive.” I’ve been skiing my whole life and know that the pricing is way too expensive. I do think this drives more people away and will cause more long term consequences.

    • Living in Colorado I totally agree with you. Aspen, a city known to have the best slopes is now known as a city for tourism. People that actually live in this beautiful state can’t ski due to the high amount of tourism. Skiing in the beautiful fresh powder after a cold blizzard is impossible now due to the high amount of people skiing everyday.

  • One of the worst nightmares for anyone working in a school or at school as a student is the alert that there is an active school shooter in the building. In preparation for this, American student rehearse

    • Hi Mason,
      I really liked your post. I do agree with you that teachers and students need to learn what to do in these type of situations and how to react to it. However I do think that we need to have some patrol in schools because it is a another safety part. I am interested in what the government will do to solve this problem.

  • In the world that we live in today, incentive is everything! Whether it’s a professional career or a 12th grade English class, everything has incentive and everything must prove to have some personal benefit. In

    • Mason,

      You raise a very interesting point. I agree completely with the fact that our society today, and especially the younger generation, is driven by reward. While I think it is important to be rewarded for hardwork, I think our culture has reached an all-time high in passing out rewards. We should focus more on the sense of fulfillment we receive ourself when doing a task than on what type of recognition we receive from others.

    • Hey Mason. Passion is a very powerful source. It is a source of fuel that can never be extinguished. But it is very natural that many long for material wealth when there is a lot more to want in this life. One idea I would like to add is that reward sometimes can be good as well. Sometimes reward brings purpose and incentives sometimes may even increase passion. But there will always be that conflict between wanting glory versus fulfillment.

  • With the election now over and the Americans done with the election of 2016, many now look towards President-elect Donald Trump with both hope and anger. 

    Despite Donald Trump’s rapid rise to the top with the Rep

    • Yes. You hit it right on the head. Its time people unite for a common purpose. The separation among the nation right now is very erroneous. I just wish people would except the democratic system we have in place and move on. There is always next election.

    • Dear Mason:

      I am intrigued by your post, “Make America Greater,” because it tells people what they need to hear which is that even though people including me do not prefer Donald Trump we need to accept it because we can not change the outcome the election because Trump was the one chosen by the electoral college.

      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “we need to now support the President as our president. Nothing now will change his election into office ”. I think this is because people sometimes do not understand the fact that we can not change the election.

      Another sentence that stood to to me was: “we need to support him and guide him in allowing this country to remain the best country in the world.” This stood out for me because people are putting him down which results in Trump not feeling welcome and protests throughout the US are causing annoyance and struggle for people who live in the area.

      I do agree with you that the American people need to change their views on the results of this election. One reason I say this is people like myself are only looking negatively upon the debate when it may bring good things. Another reason I agree with you is people are

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because it seems that your ideas are similar to mine so I look forward to seeing what you write about.

  • Social media is a huge platform for civil-terrorism. Millions of threats over these platforms come in everyday. I think that we as Americans need to stop always looking over our shoulder at these threats; especially those as small as the clowns. Yes, they are scary and they have been scaring people all over the country, but at the end of the day,…[Read more]

  • I believe that Police are harming people and there are a handful of police officers in our world that are bad people, and take advantage of their jobs; with that said I believe that there are also a lot of really good police officers in our community that help millions of people. I think that the solution is not trying to regulate all police…[Read more]

  • The history of Law Enforcement dates back to the beginning of this country’s history. When the signing of the constitution took place, the founders made a set of rights and laws in which the American people would

    • Dear Mason
      I think that law enforcement is very in a community. If there wasn´t any police officers there would be a lot of crime, and people hurting others, but with police officers they control crime in towns and cities. I think that people should respect police officers because they protect us from crime. I am looking forward to reading more of your post´s.

    • Dear Mason, I believe law enforcement is important. La enforcement protects us and keeps us safe. Police men wear a uniform and head out there where there is danger. They risk their lives and it sounds rude that people will yell names at the police men when they are just here to help. Nice post home you post more.

  • “America and Guns” is like “Peanut Butter and Jelly.” It is an American pastime and an eternal fascination.

    Despite the love for guns in this country, it is a topic that is debated greatly in this country,

    • Dear Mason

      I am intrigued by your post because I think gun control violates our second amendment but also gives the government to much power. Also it shows how the government is just trying to control every aspect of our life since not every gun kills someone and people find guns anyways.
      One thing you said that stands out for me is: “By educating the American people more, I believe that violence would decrease and accidental shootings would decrease dramatically as well.” I think this is interesting because with your claim you actually provided a solution instead of just saying we shouldn’t have laws.


  • I believe that taking away guns or boosting gun laws with cause issues. Guns are part of American history and American lifestyle, and by taking these away will irritate the Americans that really care for there guns. I believe that the solution for this is, is greater education for people in America and to educate people on guns and the danger of…[Read more]

  • This is a really touchy topic. Americans all over the country have different views on the idea of minimum wage, but the vast majority of us can agree that it needs to be raised. Millions of Americans are living in poverty and working multiple jobs, so an increase is definatly needed, but to what extent it this needed and how much is too much of a raise.

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