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    Donald Tump and the government have been wanting to remove the TPS and not allow the Salvadoran, Haitian, Nicaragua, Sudan, Honduras, and Nepal people to apply for this authorization anymore.

    This has changed

  • Immigration has been a subject very well known in America and across the world. There are many different types of permits that allow people to stay lawful for special purposes in the United states. Those permits

    • Dear Mashlin,
      I agree with your post because people have been here for many years and have contributed to the economy because of their temporary protected status. I myself have family who has that protection from this and they have lived here for quite some time as well as have built their homes and new families here. By sending them back they will reface the dangers they escaped and the United States will also lose as well because they are losing good hard working people.

      Thank you for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because I can relate and connect to your posts. I hope to see more of your opinions on the issue with the cancellation of this status. I have truly enjoyed reading this.

      Giselle Palacios OCHS

  • Immigration is a big topic that affects many people and families. I think that separating kids from their parents is not the best thing. Children are very affected. This also hurts their families and having their loved ones locked up hurts them so much.

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    Having an education is very important to most people and having an education helps the future generation. The cost of education is very expensive and it has stopped many people from continuing their studies

  • I understand what you are saying because I sometimes see people of other countries making completely different food. and it actually does tase different form those who are originally from that place. Your story is very interesting and I like how you shift from English to Spanish.

  • This was very interesting to read because it has so much meaning behind the story. You did a good job describing and the story about how she was so determined about school and lives in tough conditions is inspiring.

  • Education is very important and this matters to immigrants so much more than people think. It is what people look for when they immigrate. They are looking for better opportunities and an education that will help them in life. They search for a better lifestyle and education is one of the priorities.

  • Homlessness is now seen so much all around the world. And it is hard to believe how the United States hasn’t been able to help those who are homeless in our own country.Yes, prices have gone up drastically that it is even hard for people who work and have their own jobs. In Oakland, and California, there is a lot of homeless people all around and…[Read more]

  • You’re article is very interesting because depression is something that is very common now and there should be a solution to it. The solution can be as easy as just showing a little more love to other people. Depression should be treated and hugs can make a difference.

  • The USA’s impact on El Salvador. The economy is not doing well and gang violence throughout the country is very high. There are dangers throughout the whole country putting all the citizens at risk. There are

  • This is a very interesting story. I can relate to many of the things you said. And if you’re into art, do something with art if that makes you happy. Art is very great way to express yourself and there is nothing wrong with not being the best at it right now but you will get better as long as you keep practicing. Art does keep it interesting and…[Read more]

  • I agree. Concerts are something that people feel the need to record but it is a distraction because we are more focused on recording than being they’re in the actual moment but people would like to always have a memory to re-watch the concert.

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