• MaryT
  • Lydia, I enjoyed your post because I believe there should be more awareness about this topic. I liked how you described all the aspects and included evidence as to the reasons why animals are becoming endangered and extinct. I agree that it is our responsibility to try to reverse our detrimental actions towards the ocean and animals habitats.…Read More

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    The Negative Stigma Around Mental Illness

    Mental health is very important and is something many people struggle to manage. One statistic says “1 in 5 Americans will experience a mental illness in a given year,” (“Learn About Mental Health”). Our mental health affects how we...

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  • Paige,
    I decided to read your post because I saw it was about insecurities and I feel like that is something we all struggle with daily, especially as teenagers. I love how you first described the effects of insecurities on our daily lives and then introduced many ways to counteract these effects. I feel like we have all projected our…Read More

  • Mary wrote a new post

    Treat People With Kindness

        As discussed in the last blog post, Harry Styles has had an enormous impact on society, especially the younger generations, throughout the past few years. This impact has come in many forms- his music, fashion, but most emphasized...

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  • Lydia,
    I really enjoyed the way this blog post was written. It was very detailed but still got the point across clearly. I also really like how you made this post personal, that shows how you relate to the topic discussed and your courage in general to make it personal. I also really like how you emphasize that illnesses such as ADHD do not…Read More

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