• Hi Grace,
    This is an interesting approach to take in how sports can affect you. I’ve usually only seen all the evidence that points to sports being good for your mental health, but being able to see the other side of the coin is good as well. For example if a certain sport is someone’s whole and is taken away from them, their can be severe side…[Read more]

  • Mary commented on the post, Heated Question 1 year ago

    I think it’s great that you’re interested in the army and how well it works. It’s true it is very strict because it’s designed to teach you discipline and respect. It’s also interesting that you’re thinking of these high level questions about the military. For example, “are mental health issues addressed in the military?” This is good…[Read more]

  • Mary wrote a new post, Bad Advertising 1 year ago

    Smoking is very bad for your health. It’s especially bad for teens in adolescence because their brain is still developing. Smoking can have very negative effects on a child’s brain development. A study done by J

  • Hi Emmanuela,
    I really liked your approach to finding the deeper meaning in rap lyrics. I listen to rap as well and I like it because I’m able to find the deeper meaning in it’s lyrics. On some levels it can relate to your own life when they rap about the pain and heartache some of them have to go through on a day to day basis. I especially like…[Read more]

  • Mary commented on the post, You Can Do It !!! 1 year ago

    Hi Celeste,
    I think this is a really cool project that focuses on caring about other people. Teen pregnancy is a topic that we as a society tend to shy away from or look down upon so I’m glad you’re doing something to help teen moms get the resources they need to take care of themselves and their kids. I especially liked how you talked about what…[Read more]

  • “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” is a statement you’ve probably heard many times before. Eating breakfast can give you the much-needed energy you need for the day, but this saying only start

  • Wendy,
    This poem was very good and I think the concept you chose to write about is interesting. We never really remeber all the firsts we’ve had in our life just bits and peices. I especially like the end where you said, “She doesn’t remeber this but her life could have been worse.” It really puts in perspective the hardships we go through…[Read more]

  • Nathaniel,
    Your take on eagles and how they relate to freedom was a very interesting one. I do agree that eagles are a symbol for freedom in America but inferring what people think based on what they say is not a very good way to support your evidence. Here’s an article that can back up your claim of how an eagles are a symbol of freedom with…[Read more]

  • The increasing amounts of school shootings in America have left families devested and a country in shambles. Parents are demanding answers as to why their child was killed and many other students have ceased going

    • Hi Mary. I agree with your views for the most part. I agree when you said, “These kids felt so much pain that they felt as though there only escape was a gun. This shows that that the problem is deeper rooted in the mental health of a child” I also believe that mental health plays one of the bigger roles when it comes to a student shooter coming into a school. I appreciate that you had evidence within your article to back up your thoughts. The one part that I didn’t fully agree with was when you said the best care takers for students are their parents. When a shooter comes into a school, they tend to not have an great family that they can lean back on. I believe that students should been shown that there is resources and trusted adults within their school to talk to, like counselors.

      Here is an article about mass school shooters who have grown up fatherless.

      This article talks about how shooters struggled in their life because they didn’t have that parent to rely on.

      Looking forward to hearing from you.

  • Jillian, I really like that chose such a heavy topic to talk about. It’s great that women are able to talk about things that have happened to them in environment that’s getting better about talking about these issues. I think it also important that you said men can be apart of the #metoo movement too. They are “important allies in the #MeToo…[Read more]

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    Hyper link doesn’t work here’s the regular link: https://www.powerpoetry.org/poems/love-hate-relationship-0

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    Brian, I really liked this poem because I can relate to some of things you’re talking about. For example when you say, “My love is school because I hate school. ” I can agree. I hate school but my whole entire life revolves around school and is for school you’d think that I love it. I really liked how you were able to put that into words in a more…[Read more]

  • Johnny, I like that you brought this topic to light. The recent school shootings that have been happening are devastating and I’m glad to see them taking more precocious measures like “students wear clear backpacks.” But I also don’t think the best way to stop violence is to bring on more policemen with guns. It may feel safe but some it may feel…[Read more]

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    I liked the quote, “I believe that a negative mind will never give you a positive life.” because it just reaffirms your point that we need to start thinking positive and remove everything negative in our lives.
    Here’s an article on how to free your mind that I thought you would…[Read more]

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    Here’s a link to another poem about being materialistic you might like.

  • I forgot to put this quote in my comment that I liked, “It is unrealistic and inhumane to deport these individuals from their families and lives in the United States. These immigrants should be offered a path to legal status and eventually earned citizenship.”
    ht…[Read more]

  • Mary commented on the post, Positive Mind 1 year, 5 months ago

    Noemi, I really like this positive outlook you have on life. It can be hard to think positive when there’s bad things around you, but as you said, you have to persevere and keep going even when it gets hard. I’m sorry that you had to let go of your friends. That’s really hard to do but if it’s needed to give you peace of mind then you did the…[Read more]

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    Juan, I thought this poem was beautiful and gave insight into the true meaning of love. I liked the part about your house not being able to visit you in the hospital. A lot of times we think about all the things we’ve bought or need to buy and forget that people and connection bring true happiness. I especially liked the end where it says,…[Read more]

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