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    Jillian, I really like that chose such a heavy topic to talk about. It’s great that women are able to talk about things that have happened to them in environment that’s getting better about talking about these issues. I think it also important that you said men can be apart of the #metoo movement too. They are “important allies in the #MeToo…[Read more]

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    Hyper link doesn’t work here’s the regular link: https://www.powerpoetry.org/poems/love-hate-relationship-0

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    Brian, I really liked this poem because I can relate to some of things you’re talking about. For example when you say, “My love is school because I hate school. ” I can agree. I hate school but my whole entire life revolves around school and is for school you’d think that I love it. I really liked how you were able to put that into words in a more…[Read more]

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    Johnny, I like that you brought this topic to light. The recent school shootings that have been happening are devastating and I’m glad to see them taking more precocious measures like “students wear clear backpacks.” But I also don’t think the best way to stop violence is to bring on more policemen with guns. It may feel safe but some it may feel…[Read more]

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    I liked the quote, “I believe that a negative mind will never give you a positive life.” because it just reaffirms your point that we need to start thinking positive and remove everything negative in our lives.
    Here’s an article on how to free your mind that I thought you would…[Read more]

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    Here’s a link to another poem about being materialistic you might like.

  • I forgot to put this quote in my comment that I liked, “It is unrealistic and inhumane to deport these individuals from their families and lives in the United States. These immigrants should be offered a path to legal status and eventually earned citizenship.”
    ht…[Read more]

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    Noemi, I really like this positive outlook you have on life. It can be hard to think positive when there’s bad things around you, but as you said, you have to persevere and keep going even when it gets hard. I’m sorry that you had to let go of your friends. That’s really hard to do but if it’s needed to give you peace of mind then you did the…[Read more]

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    Juan, I thought this poem was beautiful and gave insight into the true meaning of love. I liked the part about your house not being able to visit you in the hospital. A lot of times we think about all the things we’ve bought or need to buy and forget that people and connection bring true happiness. I especially liked the end where it says,…[Read more]

  • Patricia, This is a very interesting topic you chose. Immigration is a very touchy subject so I’m glad you took the time to talk about it. I think the article makes two valid point. Many immigrants did come illegally but it’s wrong for us to just throw them out where they could end being in worse shape. Also many of them that came here were trying…[Read more]

  • Gun violence is a problem that America has been struggling with for a long time. Events like the  Manchester shooting and the shooting in Parkland school have left families broken and our country devastated. But

  • Amani, I really liked this article and thought it was supper interesting. I agree with you that violent video games contribute will contribute to angry or violent feelings. I think that these feeling can contribute violent acts but are not the sole cause of these violent acts. It made me think about suicidal rates and how some people think that…[Read more]

  • Hi Ronaysi,
    I like that you talked about Childish Gambino’s music video and how it connects to violence in America. I have also watched the music video and really like how he showed how all these horrible things are happening in our world yet the media tries to make everyone ignore it and not see it. Here’s a link to an article by rolling stone…[Read more]

  • Before answering this question we first need to realize the impacts of alcohol on the brain. An article by Olga Khazan in the Atlantic “Even Small Amounts of Alcohol Impair Memory” talks about how even mode

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