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    I really appreciate how you emphasized how it’s just too easy to communicate with others in that our messages can be perceived a bunch of different ways. I agree with this idea because whatever you respond with can be interpreted very differently then anticipated. Really great job!

  • Mary Kate commented on the post, Fashion and Men

    I really appreciate how you included when Harry Styles said that clothes are something to experiment with and if you feel amazing in it, it is like a superhero outfit. Because that is truly all it is. What one wears should have no affect on others, although it often does. If one feels amazing in what they wear, WHO CARES! Let them be…Read More

  • Hi Lydia!
    I loved this blog post because it definitely hits close to home for me. I strongly agree with what you said about how grades can be seen as your worth and when someone suffers from ADHD they struggle to keep their grades up so they feel as if their self worth is extremely low. There is definitely a stigma surrounding ADHD and I…Read More

  • I love this post and agree with many things that you said. I also believe that because the United States is usually in the spotlight, compared to other countries, other cultures and languages tend to not be seen as important and relevant. These other cultures and languages are not as appreciated by the world as a whole because they are not in the…Read More

  • This was a really inspiring read that made me and other readers feel inspired to be apart of such a unique generation. I agree with the majority of what you said but would just like to comment on one thing Ms. Cortez said: “this generation stands up for what they disagree with. They stand up and raise their voice for what they do not like and w…Read More



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