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    Gun Control Isn't Proper Solution in Preventing Gun Violence

    In the article, “Gun control is the wrong debate” (Wenstrup 2022) I learned that gun control is not the proper solution to preventing gun violence. Most prisoners in federal prison were arrested with weapons of which they’d bought illegally....

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  • Dear Christian,

    Your post made me think empathetically for families who are willing to sacrifice anything to cross into a country, even if it means leaving their children. It makes me wonder what could be going through these people mentally that they are in desperate need to leave anything to cross the border. Something I wonder is what…Read More

  • Dear Cristian,

    Your post made me think about how many drugs are being smuggled across the border and what the drug market is currently. It also made me think about what is being done to prevent this illegal drug smuggling. Something I wonder is if the problem of illegal drug selling will ever be solved or can be prevented.


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    Marty commented on the post, Why Pro-Life

    Dear Jocelyn,
    Your post made me think about what Pro-Lifers are doing to support lives who are already living. I think that contributing to foster care, human organizations, or people in need would be more beneficial than being in people’s business, especially about a fetus that isn’t even conscious yet. Something I wonder is what are the effects…Read More

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    Marty wrote a new post

    Gun Control does not Violate Second Amendment

    In the article, “Gun Control Is Constitutional (From Gun Control, P 83-86, 1992, Charles P Cozic, ed. -- See NCJ-160164)” (Brady 1992) I learned that having gun regulations does not violate our Second Amendment right for that the Amendment...

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    • Dear Marty,
      Your post made me think about the way that people may interpret what the amendment is trying to say. The fact that someone can misinterpret the true idea of what was written in the past. Something I wonder is what makes gun laws to sound rational or not and what people may think about gun control.
        Lettcy C.

    • dear Marty your post made me think about how the 2nd amendment affects gun owners. I think that these firearm owners should not be afraid to speak out because as gun owners their opinion matters and could make a difference. Something I wonder is, Why should gun owners be afraid of blame if they speak out?

      Sincerely, joseph

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