• Dear Nathaniel,
    I am shooketh by your post “Should Schools Be Allowed to Limit Students’ Online Speech?” because it opened up my mind to the reality that cyberbullying even though being bad has to be taken care of personally not by law. I also realised that not only due people believe cyber bullying is a bad thing but they don’t realise that th…[Read more]

  •          Bullying has been around for a long time (Laura W. Murphy, Michael W. Macleod-Bell). So why does it seem that it has become a recent problem in today’s society? come a recent problem in today’s so

    • Hi Martin, I enjoyed your fresh perspective on the extent to which teachers should monitor online activity. While most students would advocate for privacy, you made some great points on why schools should step in. In the end of the second paragraph you said, “However besides the research you also should know the means of the bully and why they might post harmful post.” I was really interested in your answer to why the bully may post harmful words or images but you never followed up with this statement. To improve your post, add some answers to this proposed questions. Check out this article, it may help, http://endcyberbullying.net/why-do-people-cyberbully/. Great points, Martin!

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  • Dear Yasmin
    I am impacted by your post “Do The Police Deserve Our Trust” because it opened up my mind to the reality of law enforcement world and the power they uphold. I also realised that not only due people get injured by the law enforcement(police officers) but they ethier target those of color or white. This article helped me further und…[Read more]

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