• This story was very good I understand it but this part when you said “She was mad but at the end of the day I passed and she did understand me.” i was confused on how she was mad even though you passed but overall you made me take this story put it in my head and imagine it you did really good great story.

  • Lower test scores maybe was not because of them but if they had electronics in there class electronics would’ve been the distractions and in the article you mentioned “This move also destroyed people’s relationships with friends and teachers. Losing a relationship with a friend sucks because you have been talking to them and learned so much a…[Read more]

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    This article was very nice! but you made it seem like charter school is better then public schools i mean you could have your own opinion but others have their’s. You said it helped you become a better student that’s good you could go to any school of your choice either charter school or public schools as long as you get your work done.

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    I’m proud of you for coming out to the internet and not keeping it in you made people feel it when i was reading this it made me feel like it was me. i’m proud of you that you never gave up and kept going and you had somebody to talk too that’s really good. Thank you for encouraging more kids

  • Dear Education,

    I remembered walking into you knowing I’m going to have to make new friends and have to be with them for 8 hours everyday but saturday and sunday my heart was raising walking into class

    • Dear Martha,
      I very much like your perspective on education and gives me a sense of remembering why education is important. Being in high school, I sometimes don’t understand the point of being at school 8 hrs a day for several months. You giving me this perspective has helped me remember the importance of education and that not everyone has access to education. I wanted to thank you for inspiring me to think on a different level than I thought possible.

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    I really like the details you used.

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