• My project was about homelessness in the bay area. The action that we did to create awareness was make posters to hang them up on the walls. Also, we created canned food drive for homeless people in the bay which

    • I don’t think that the issue of homelessness needs more awareness, I think it just needs more understanding. I personally live in Utah and people can be very harsh against the homeless population and I know that this is the case in California. It is common to hear someone say that they are on the streets because of drugs and if they stop taking drugs, they will not be on the streets anymore. People act like getting off drugs will just magically help homeless populations and allow for them to find jobs, but this is not the case. America has developed and the need for jobs drop down with no replacement jobs in the sectors that are there. This just means that a lot of these homeless people have no real chance at getting the jobs that they once had and that the only real solutions are what you proposed with a food drive.

  • April 22nd, 2019

    Dear Mayors Libby Schaaf and London Breed:

    We are writing to you about the issue on homelessness and the absurdly high rent prices in the cities of Oakland and San Francisco. We believe

    • Dear Mathew and Martha,

      I am so impressed with your letter, “A letter to the mayors”, because it is very rare for young individuals to advocate for a change by writing letters to public officials. One sentence you guys wrote that stands out for me is “This problem is at an institutional level and it shows how the government wants to protect the 1%’s money yet they don’t care for the people trying to live in such a harsh environment, which also shows how the homeless constantly have to move from place to place because they’re a inconvenience to the public.” I think this is crucial for readers to understand because people do not realize how their decisions to destruct areas to build skyscrapers can displace many homeless people. As a result of the government ignoring the homeless, the homelessness population has skyrocketed because they are not being provided the resources that they need to start fresh create better lives for themselves. Thank for your writing. I look forward to seeing what the two of you write next because you are both very ambitious and put a lot of thought and research into your writing.

    • This letter is so profound and informative. I truly enjoyed reading it and was compelled by the points you guys made. I also really liked how you cited different reasons for homelessness and connected the dots to show the roots of the cities’ issues. I think you have given a really comprehensive overview of homelessness ans some of the reasons it continues to occur. However, I think you guys could demand change a little more. You are asking the majors to put more money into programs that fight homelessness, but you don’t suggest where that money could come from. You guys have such an expansive look at the issue, I think you could go even deeper. Give them practical ways they could help clean up the streets. List some inexpensive options that have worked in other cities or countries. Also, explain exactly how you’re going to raise awareness with the Instagram account and maybe even provide incentives for people that spread the word, and you could even ask people to donate prizes and do giveaways. Get creative! You guys definitely have a passion for this and I think you could be more adamant about the specifics of the change you want.

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    Dear Naveen,
    I am impressed by your poem, “why not?,” because it features your opinions on why it is ok to just spend money on a game because it is allowing you to have fun. I believe this is a strong paragraph because you are showing how it is reasonable to spend money on a game. To me the main message of your poem is that it is reasonable to…[Read more]

  • Your welcome!!! keep up the great work!

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    Thank you, I know my poem is great heheheheheheheheheheh but thank you for reading and I just knew that it would be great in poem jsut read your poem and yours was creative and awesome 5 STARS! your great!

      • Martha posted an update 1 year, 5 months ago

        Thank you, I think your comment was very clear for me to understand the great things about my blog.

          • Martha posted an update 1 year, 5 months ago

            Thank you for reading my blog. Your blog is amazing too. I found it interesting you found that part outstanding.

              • Dear, cece
                I believe you have a strong assertion because you back it up with strong evidence like the one from Voynovskaya. I think your paragraph is very strong because you also have a interesting topic. I think the question you ask in your conclusion is a great question. Keep up the good work! Sincerely,Martha

              • Dear, Evelin
                You did an unbelievable job at writing this. I love how you introduced the interviewee because you added good important information, this helps me add more information over my interviewees next time. I think you could’ve added more analysis about the quotes you chose. But I do believe your quotes were great and brought the reader’s a…[Read more]

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                Oakland is a sanctuary city which means it helps protect immigrants from deportation. This is good because it helps make people feel safe. Feeling safe is important because when a person doesn’t fe

                • Dear Martha,

                • I really like your blog and how you express your feelings about immigrants and how oakland protects them most of the time. I also think that your evidence is really good too and the examples you give are really clear.

                • Dear Martha,

                  I am proud by your blog called, “Oakland” because you are covering about the topic immigration in Oakland. This is really important because Oakland has a lot of colored people living here and have cultural background in Oakland. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is, “Oakland is a sanctuary city which means it helps protect immigrants from deportation. This is good because it helps make people feel safe”. I think this is an amazing because you are explaining how Oakland its trying to protect immigrants. I do agree with you that Oakland is a cultural place for immigrants and the Latino community. Oakland does it’s best to keep immigrants safe.


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                Dear Teresa,
                I believe you did an excellent job on your poem because it made me feel like I was going through that experience and actually made me feel like I was experiencing the story of the poem. I know that made your poem really strong, also the last sentence left the reader wanting more of the story leaving us ATTACHED. I don’t believe y…[Read more]

              • Martha wrote a new post, Eyes 1 year, 7 months ago

                My poem is about how there is evidence of racism between white people and the colored people. I choose to write about this because since I am a person of color it connects to me deeply. Thank you for

                • Dear Martha
                  Your poem is very creative, I really like how you related it to the eyes. Something that stood out to me from your poem was the lines “You took our loved ones and put them in cages like zoo animals” because you’re saying that white people are putting us into categories and its very creative how you used similes in your poem. Some questions I have about your poem are why did you specifically choose to talk about eyes in your poem? You had a great poem and it was very creative.

                • Dear Martha,

                  This is such a beautiful, raw, and creative poem. This really resonates with what is happening in our society today. I love that you made the reference of the eyes between white people and people of color because you also reference the sweet, sweet honey of people of color and it just–makes them sound wonderful compare to white people who seems to be just given their ‘golden’ eyes. Almost similar to saying that they have a silver spoon in their mouth while people of color has to work extremely hard to be safe, to provide protection under their roof, and more.

                  Overall, I hope to see more of your poetry and that you continue to be creative because that is a gift in itself, Martha! 🙂


                • Dear Martha,
                  This poem is so moving and it relates to today’s world which makes it so sad yet it is the truth. I like how you took a different approach instead of skin color you did eye color, and you created a feeling of eyes being so powerful.I really enjoyed this poem, your writing is very powerful and I am glad to have been able to read this. Keep thriving.
                  – Elysia V. #SJSU

              • Dear Anahi,
                I love your shadow box, how you wanted to represent your culture by adding the mexican flag colors in your shadow box. The little details make your shadow box amazing. Thanks for your great piece of art and writing!

              • Martha commented on the post, My Shadow Box 1 year, 8 months ago

                Thank you, your shadow box was also very Radical! I appreciate your feedback!

              • Dear, Ulises
                One sentence that stood out to me in your artist statement was when you stated you wanted society to see you as a good brother that’s really adorable. To add on, another sentence that stood out to me was when you wanted to have no F’s and I see you in PLT already working on that pathway Good luck I know you can achieve your goals. Tha…[Read more]

              • Dear Ariana,
                One sentence that stood out to me was how you added pictures of your childhood it shows your family. It also shows me how you are showing that your family is important to you.
                Another part that I liked was the colors of your box made it so colorful and attracting to look at.
                Great work on your artist statement too you rock!
                Sincerely, martha


                Many people assume that since I am a person of color, I am dangerous or bad news. My Shadow Box contradicts this claim because on the inside it shows how I’m really just an empowering Latina (which is my ra

                • Dear Martha,

                  I love your shadow box. I think your shadow box is cool because it has pictures of you when you were little and it shows your childhood. I like how you put a flower to show the stereotypes that women are delicate. My favorite line that you wrote is “ I put flowers because they represent how society stereotypes females as delicate little flowers with model bodies”. This is my favorite line because I feel like this quote has a lot of power and meaning in it. Thank you for writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next time!:)

                • Dear Martha,
                  I love how you design your box and what images you include in your box. It also show how your family is important to you. I also like how in your statement you talk about the things people might assume about you just because your a female and your latina.

                • Hey Ariana, I really love your shadow box especially when you added the words “empower yourself.” When you said, “I want people to see how there is a different story told through the inside of my Shadow Box than from the one told by my appearance,” I felt like this was a very strong line. I thought this stood out because everyone has a story to be told and I think it also relates to the quote “don’t judge a book by its cover.” I also appreciate how you added flowers on the outside of your box to represent society stereotypes because I think it is good to notice these type of stereotypes and know that everyone is beautiful, not just what society portrays as beauty.

                • Hi Martha,
                  I am thrilled to see how you put together and explained your reasoning for your shadow box! You did an awesome job at using words that reflected your own self. I also really enjoyed the way you expressed how proud you are of what makes you, you! It is always nice to see young Latina girls be proud of where they come from. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “Many people assume that since I am a person of color, I am dangerous or bad news.” I think this sentence was an awesome way to start your explanation on your shadow box because you went on to give reasons all the positive things a person of color does and thinks. Another sentence that I enjoyed was: “ My Shadow Box contradicts this claim because on the inside it shows how I’m really just an empowering Latina (which is my race-a social construct that divides people into categories like power and privilege) who is on the road to be successful and unapologetic.” This stood out for me because it is a factor that I can relate to as a Latina myself. It is important for us as Latina’s to strive for success and never give up. I will be graduating from SJSU this semester, and knowing how proud my parents will be is what kept me motivated. Remember to always reflect on how far you’ve came. Thanks for your sharing this post Martha! I look forward to seeing what you write next! Echale ganas, siempre.

              • Dear Adrian,
                I am admirable by your shadow box, “My True Identity” because you show your true identity through your shadow box. I like how you put your identity out there and your not afraid of being judged because of it, you show this through your shadow box. Another part that I loved is where you added objects that showed your identity thr…[Read more]