• Dear Anahi,
    I love your shadow box, how you wanted to represent your culture by adding the mexican flag colors in your shadow box. The little details make your shadow box amazing. Thanks for your great piece of art and writing!

  • Martha commented on the post, My Shadow Box 3 weeks, 1 day ago

    Thank you, your shadow box was also very Radical! I appreciate your feedback!

  • Dear, Ulises
    One sentence that stood out to me in your artist statement was when you stated you wanted society to see you as a good brother that’s really adorable. To add on, another sentence that stood out to me was when you wanted to have no F’s and I see you in PLT already working on that pathway Good luck I know you can achieve your goals. Tha…[Read more]

  • Martha commented on the post, Ariana’s Shadow Box 1 month ago

    Dear Ariana,
    One sentence that stood out to me was how you added pictures of your childhood it shows your family. It also shows me how you are showing that your family is important to you.
    Another part that I liked was the colors of your box made it so colorful and attracting to look at.
    Great work on your artist statement too you rock!
    Sincerely, martha


    Many people assume that since I am a person of color, I am dangerous or bad news. My Shadow Box contradicts this claim because on the inside it shows how I’m really just an empowering Latina (which is my ra

    • Dear Martha,

      I love your shadow box. I think your shadow box is cool because it has pictures of you when you were little and it shows your childhood. I like how you put a flower to show the stereotypes that women are delicate. My favorite line that you wrote is “ I put flowers because they represent how society stereotypes females as delicate little flowers with model bodies”. This is my favorite line because I feel like this quote has a lot of power and meaning in it. Thank you for writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next time!:)

    • Dear Martha,
      I love how you design your box and what images you include in your box. It also show how your family is important to you. I also like how in your statement you talk about the things people might assume about you just because your a female and your latina.

  • Dear Adrian,
    I am admirable by your shadow box, “My True Identity” because you show your true identity through your shadow box. I like how you put your identity out there and your not afraid of being judged because of it, you show this through your shadow box. Another part that I loved is where you added objects that showed your identity thr…[Read more]

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