• “Is College a Burden” is by Jasmine Rucker, Mary Pricco, and Lauryn Sanders

    If the cost of college changes, we think that many people will be able to follow their dreams and the world would become better place.

  • Jasmine Rucker, Mary Pricco, Lauryn Sanders

    Mrs. Reed 3rd Hour

    American Literature

    June 1, 2017


    Is College a Burden?

    If the cost of college changes, we think that many people will be able to follow

  • You had great uses of evidence and facts to help cover the issue of sexism and segregation. Although I also do believe that the issue has gone down, and that it’s continuing to get better. Your infographic helps make people more aware, good job.

  • Lauryn Sanders

    Jasmine Rucker

    • Mary, thank you so much for sharing this! I did my Letters to the Next President on college costs, and some of the numbers that I found during research are just stunning. I think you and your group did an excellent job of making the eye-opening stats easier to see with the chart. The fact that you also added a graph into your infographic is really unique, and I actually haven’t seen any statistics on why people are dropping out before. And college education is essential in today’s world, so thank you for raising awareness to it through your infographic.

  • I’ve been to Lake Tahoe in the past, and while I was there, I had background knowledge about the clear blue waters, and when I got there, it wasn’t as how I pictured it or how it was viewed before. The facts and science behind it all from your infographic helps make sense. Good job.

  • Earth has many important qualities that make up the existence of many of the living things that are on our planet. The most vital are trees and plants. Deforestation is a serious issue and it continues to grow and

    • Hi Mary,
      I totally agree on your views on how deforestation is a major issue in the world. I actually wrote about taking better care of the environment for the Letters to the next President project! I think you did a great job in bringing in key pieces of evidence to support your stance and I also think you did an amazing job with explaining how they support! Great post!

  • Huck is most definitely a good person with the right type of morals. There’s growth in his character as the story moves on and he undergoes many incidences and events that help add depth to Huck. Although, if you think Huck has changed throughout the story, why would Mark Twain say that there is no plot or moral to the book? If there’s obvious…[Read more]

  • Since many people have argued whether The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is a racist book, others have counteracted that the author is trying to call attention to the matter, back in that time of history. Since

    • Hi Mary, This is a great I definitely think that Huck has grown from the beginning of the book and he has learned through his journey what wrong and right is. Huck really showed that he has good intention for what he is doing he may not have recieved good morals at a young age but he was truly able to gain them through his journey to freedom.I wouldn’t call this book racist because I think Twain used this book to help teach people a lesson about what it was like during slavery times. The story really shows how young kids even have the thought to help slaves gain freedom and also have a care to understand that slavery is not just. Huck was so young and he was able to cover up lies to help out his friend Jim even though Huck may have not had the easiest time but, I think he was able to do the best he could. If you lived in this time would you be brave enough to help a slave travel to freedom?

  • There are many moments where there are clear signs of foreshadowing in the book, and I think you chose a good one because it sets the stage for the rest of the story regarding Huck’s father and his behavior. I definitely agree with how you pointed out that the presence of parents affect the child and how they act.

  • Mary commented on the post, Animal Cruelty 3 years, 2 months ago

    Animal cruelty is definitely a problem in today’s society and while reading your essay, I could tell how passionate you are about this issue of animals being treated poorly and less than what they’re worth. I agree that there needs to be more awareness to the problem and more people willing to help the cause.

  • Many scientists believe that global warming is an aspect of make belief and that there is no such thing; that we have nothing to worry about. Our Earth has undergone many transformations, dating back to times like

    • I completely agree with all of the points you brought up. Us as human beings should focus more on limiting pollution and becoming a more green world. I really enjoyed your take on environmental progression and how we can reduce electricity use and pollution. Another suggestion is the use of electric cars. Anyways, nice piece!

    • I really agree with what you have written about the deterioration of our environment, as well as how it is being abused by humans. We really do need to do something about this. I would like to hear more from you, hear about how it ties to your personal experience, as that is what This I Believe is intended to be about.

    • Hi Mary! Your article raises a very true fact. The world needs bees and animals so that nature’s cycle (flower->bee pollinates flower-> flower serves as food to other animals) is very important for humans to stay alive and be able to have the variety off foods and plants that we have.

    • Mary,
      I thought your post was interesting. I agree there seems to be many different causes of global warming. Your theory of the drastic changes on earth seems to be a probable cause.

    • Hi mary! I completely agree with your piece 100%. By destroying the earth, we’re destroying ourselves too. It’s a very real thing and many people don’t understand that. Can’t wait to hear more from you!

  • Reading Notes:

    Tom Sawyer and Huck join their friends in a ‘robbers gang’.
    Huck doesn’t feel comfortable with the way the widow is raising him.
    Huck and Sawyer are foils of each other
    Pap is

  • Dear Future President,

    I’d like to address the fact that our oceans are getting continuously worse and worse and there are little organizations or foundations that are trying to solve the issue. I believe that p

    • I agree only 3.1 of the ocean is being saved which is not right! I think people need to stop throwing trash in the ocean and oil and killing the sea creatures for food. Start thinking the ocean is your home and your people. Would you wanna destroy your house?😊😩

    • Hi Mary! I agree fully heartedly! I also made a L2P about environmental issues and I agree on everything you’re saying.

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    You make some valid points in your letter, and I agree for the most part of what you said. Animals are treated unfairly to what rights they have in comparison to ours. So many people hunt animals for fun and call it a sport and that is no way fair for the animals.v

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