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    Dear Kris,
    I like how you used Graphic Weight on your third panel because it gives me a better understanding on how you felt during that moment. The fact that you were able to make how you felt stand out, stands out to me because this is really hard to complete. Good job!!

  • Why Did You Hurt Me?


    I wonder how many people have experienced the feeling

    where you think you know someone

    but then they make you realize

    you don’t know them at all,


    This is one of the worst fee

    • Dear Marlon,

      I feel that a lot of people who read this would have no clue that you were going through it. I can relate in a way to what you’re saying. Not only with the stuff about having a love one leave you but also, “And that’s why I decided to separate myself. Because it wouldn’t have been fair to them.” I feel like very often when we are going through our own struggles we tend to separate from those around us not because we don’t want to talk to them but because they haven’t done anything to deserve to see us at our worst. This was a great piece and thanks for sharing it.

      Vesna Sot

    • This piece is extremely well written great job! I wasn’t expecting such a powerful story full of tender emotion like this. I completely agree with Vesna that the true pain can not be expressed but I sure felt betrayal from reading this. No matter how traumatic the experience, you never know how tough it can be until you are in the situation yourself.

  • Dear Salvador,
    I relate to your poem In many ways. I feel the same things sometimes. I’m astonished at how you are able to keep calm and “wear a mask” to me this is something important because many people assume things that aren’t true. And I also feel that people do change just to try to fit in and they end up losing theirselves. Keep up the good work.

  • Dear Joe,
    I am interested in your poem, I’m ____ As Hell, because I believe that curiosity is something that we need in our lives. I believe this because if we don’t have this part of us then we would never be able to do the things we do, we would have never discovered the things we have discovered, or we would have never adapted or be how we a…[Read more]

  • Why I’m quiet as hell


    Most people would not think I’m quiet. In fact they would say I’m loud.

    Reality is I’m quiet.

    I’m antisocial.

    I’m lonely.

    Most of the time I choose to be antisocial an

    • Dear Marlon,
      What an interesting piece you have Marlon. I like that you have poured your heart into this piece and to why you were quiet. This sentence interests me, “Most of the time I choose to be antisocial and lonely.” most of the times all of us have gone through that and it gives us insight about were we are as a person. Great job at making this poem.

    • Hey Marlon,
      I really enjoyed your poem. I can relate to this because I am pretty quiet as well. I have a very little group of friends that I hang with during school. As college approaches, I hope to leave my comfort zone and meet new people. Great poem!

    • Dear Marlon,
      When I read this poem, I see how much you hide from the world. I know that you can be a very quiet person, but I want you to know that you are not an outcast, nor should you feel forgotten. Our few friends and I will always be here for you, and would never forget you. Maybe it can be hard to speak your mind, or you feel you can’t connect to what we talk, about but it doesn’t hurt to try. When I saw, “They see me smile, They see me enjoy my day, But in reality they don’t know that i’m usually hiding my emotions,” I did a lot of reflecting on my own. I can tell when you have a real smile or a forced one. I want you to know that I know how you feel, and that I may not understand or tell you, but I know. Don’t be afraid to speak out for real, even if you’re a quiet person.

  • Dear David,
    One sentence you wrote that stands out to me is ” David Luna are not two names that are tied together and make me a whole individual, they are two different identities that battle and balance each other.” I think this is because it helps me understand the two identities you have regarding your name. I feel like people don’t really…[Read more]

  • Marlon Enrique Tum Gonzalez is my full name. My names can be broken down into pieces, for example my first name, Marlon, comes from a philanthropist that lived in my mother’s part of town. This man named Marlon w

    • Dear Marlon,
      I am happy with your post, “Name Memoir” because I got to know you a little more. Now I know why you work hard in school, in soccer and in your life. Your last sentence stood out to me because you show how you want to continue a legacy with a name. Your post reminds me of my last name because I also want to continue a legacy with my last name. I hope you keep on talking about your name and be proud of it. Cheers mate!

    • Dear Marlon I loved your post and how much information you have written about yourself here. I found most compelling was your name in how your grandmother named you to keep your grandfather’s memory alive. I can relate by that because my grandather before he died, use to called me Zanyer and when he died my mom continued to call me that. I feel special by nickname just as you feel special by your name. You should! It has powerful meaning to honor your grandfather. Thank you for sharing!

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