• Dear David,
    One sentence you wrote that stands out to me is ” David Luna are not two names that are tied together and make me a whole individual, they are two different identities that battle and balance each other.” I think this is because it helps me understand the two identities you have regarding your name. I feel like people don’t really…[Read more]

  • Marlon Enrique Tum Gonzalez is my full name. My names can be broken down into pieces, for example my first name, Marlon, comes from a philanthropist that lived in my mother’s part of town. This man named Marlon w

    • Dear Marlon,
      I am happy with your post, “Name Memoir” because I got to know you a little more. Now I know why you work hard in school, in soccer and in your life. Your last sentence stood out to me because you show how you want to continue a legacy with a name. Your post reminds me of my last name because I also want to continue a legacy with my last name. I hope you keep on talking about your name and be proud of it. Cheers mate!

    • Dear Marlon I loved your post and how much information you have written about yourself here. I found most compelling was your name in how your grandmother named you to keep your grandfather’s memory alive. I can relate by that because my grandather before he died, use to called me Zanyer and when he died my mom continued to call me that. I feel special by nickname just as you feel special by your name. You should! It has powerful meaning to honor your grandfather. Thank you for sharing!

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