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Upstander Reflection

Upstander Reflection What was our project about? For our upstander project we had to create a movement that would be effective in raising awareness for children who have been sex trafficked before. As a group we came up with a movement that would really push others to think about this issue instead of ignoring its importantance. The issue is that […]

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We are Against Child Sex Trafficking!

April 22, 2019 Yasmin, Marleni, and Estefani Dear MISSSEY Organization:   Child sex trafficking has become a worldwide issue that needs to come to an end. In Oakland, approximately 1 in 4 victims of human sex trafficking are children. If the community doesn’t take action and become upstanders for those children being sex trafficked then nothing will change. Based on […]

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Immigrants Create A better Community

                                                                    Immigrants Create A Better Community   “I think they’re great, they are what keep Oakland from turning into a “white- washed” community. Immigrants bring the culture […]

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Oakland and Romeo & Juliet

  In this Poem I connected Oakland to Romeo and Juliet’s story! Taught to hate Brought them their fate   Racism rooted in the past Two Oakland star crossed lovers don’t last   “Forbidden” love created between the two Raul and Juliana’s lives were cut through   Juliana taught to stay away from people of color Raul still fights for […]

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Marleni Regalado – Shadow Box

This is my shadow box. My shadow box is showing the difference between my counter and dominant narratives. A dominant narrative is a part of my story told by oppressors with power and privilege. This box is also representing my chosen and assigned identities. Every object in my box is showing a bit about who I am. The outside of […]

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