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    Maritza commented on the post, Inspire

    I was fascinated with your Scratch Project! Look how far you have made it Laura!!! I am so glad that you had great teachers who helped you get through this difficult time of learning a new language. I know you will be a great teacher to all your future students and will inspire many to enter the teaching profession.

    • It was fortunate that your teachers encouraged you to continue schooling even if you were experiencing some challenging time. It also reminded me of my teacher or teachers who played a significant role in my school.

    • Love the poster: Teaching=Happiness. What specifically do you enjoy about teaching?

    • I see a brilliant young girl who found solace in school. You were exceptional. That is why your teachers paid so much attention to you. They saw your promise. Now you will look for the brilliance in your students.

    • There is so much here! Thank you for making this and putting your heart into it! I need to know more about Mr. and Mrs. Zadrima! I love looking at that slide and I think there must be a story here! On the other hand, I love that you tell so much of this story visually!

    • Hi Maritza! I found myself smiling as I continued to click to the right to uncover more about how you discovered that you wanted to be a teacher. Adding your personal photographs and other primary sources to tell the story of your journey shows not only more about you, but how thoughtful you were when making decisions about how you wanted your story to be told. Your message is clearly heard and leaves me inspired!

  • Dear Laura:

    I am thrilled by your post, “Coding for Children” because you speak about the importance of teaching children how to code at a young age. Coding is a skill that children need to learn in order to understand technology and the world we live in.

    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “Teaching children to code is an impor…Read More

  • Dear Khurram:

    I am captivated by your post, “Scratch Programming: My Starting Journey” because you made an interesting point on whether children benefit more from direct instruction or feed their curiosity by allowing them to investigate topics on their own.

    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is, “Our job as teachers is to help stude…Read More

  • Dear Marina:

    I am amazed by your post, “Marina’s Scratch Funhouse” because you went in-depth with how computational thinking can be incorporated into writing workshop. I have read many articles about how computational thinking can be applied to any discipline, but I have not come across an article that explains in detail how this is possi…Read More

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