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  • Dear Andrea:
    I am intrigued by your post, “<Happiness & Smiles,” because I had previously read things that said that smiling even if you’re not happy can make you feel happier. I’m surprised to see that this is actually not the case. Although, I suppose it does make sense that a much better remedy is trying to do something that makes you happy s…Read More

  • Maritza commented on the post, The Issue in Afghanistan

    Dear Jade:
    I agree with your post, “The Issue in Afghanistan”, because I too am quite concerned about the whole situation. As you said, it does not feel right to just ignore and not aid a country that is currently being run by a terrorist organization. I understand that US leaders were maybe hoping to move on from the war in Afghanistan and kee…Read More

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    From Stonewall to Pride

    The article “The Origins of PRIDE Month” (McGraw Hill) recounts the events that led to the celebration of pride month. Two prominent events were the Stonewall protests wherein 600 people gathered outside the Stonewall Inn (a club in NYC...

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    • This is really cool. I think you wrote this very well as well as asked some very valid questions. I think this is an important part of history anyone should learn about. We’ve definitely come a long way as a society. Thanks for sharing Maritza.

  • Dear Kayla:
    I resonate with your post, “How Students Lives Have Been Affected by the Ongoing Pandemic,” because it highlights the various reasons why students are struggling during the pandemic. There were a lot of factors adding to the stress we have as students on top of already stressful school work. Although many teachers have shown that the…Read More



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From Stonewall to Pride

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