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Why the Building Sector article summary

Current buildings generate nearly 40% of annual global CO2 emissions, this number is broken down into 28% for building operations, and an additional 11% is added for construction. It is understood that if we do not begin to decarbonize older buildings/ even newer buildings across the globe there will be no chance for us to meet the Paris Agreement’s of […]

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“Old Buildings Matter: Sustainability and Existing buildings” article summary

Renovating old buildings is one of the most important steps in creating sustainable communities, many people think that with the progress we need to demolish and remake a lot of fo buildings. Doing that, however, adds significantly to the climate crisis as well as resource crisis because you are losing resources in the demolition process and making new ones. With […]

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What is Sustainable Architecture

The idea of sustainability and utilizing the earth in ways that are beneficial for both parties (the earth itself as well as all of us who live on it), acting on the idea of sustainability is not as common. Changing how we make our buildings as well as renovating our previous buildings will make a big difference. Sustainability starts at […]

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Sustainable Architecture: what is it and how do we achieve it. Summary

What is it? “When applying this complex concept to architecture, it then refers to design that creates healthy living environments while aiming to minimize negative environmental impacts, energy consumption, and use of human resources.”Sustainable architecture is achievable, it just requires a lot more people, more expensive resources, and a lot more mindfulness to create. There are many benefits to sustainable […]

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Mind Hunter by John Douglas and Mike Olshaker

My name is Marisa and I chose to read this book because I’m very interested in criminal psychology and John Douglas is considered by some to be the father of criminal psychology. I think this book is really good and really recommend it for people especially if they are interested in any form of criminal psychology, or even if you […]

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How do people know what they want to be from such a young age, is it parents, community, or exposure-based?

“When my parents provided career inspiration and insight, I sometimes felt they were letting their own biases take over.” “ Help your teen understand that a canceled internship or delayed entry to the workforce does not mean they failed. Remind them that just because their original plans have shifted directions or changed as a whole…” As a child is growing […]

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