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  • The idea of a deadline to save the world is scary. A lot of the time I feel like everyone has always heard about climate change but not until recently has there been this idea of a “deadline”. I think there is a lot of stuff for us to do and fast because even if there is no literal deadline we are going to reach a point of no return which is…Read More

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    This is super interesting because I did not realize that they were naming them after “African America, Hispanic, and Native American astronauts and cosmonauts”. It’s so amazing to hear that there is going to be more representation of these groups within the stars or just recognition in general. I think that acknowledging more influential POC, in…Read More

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    How do people know what they want to be from such a young age, is it parents, community, or exposure-based?

    “When my parents provided career inspiration and insight, I sometimes felt they were letting their own biases take over.” “ Help your teen understand that a canceled internship or delayed entry to the workforce does not mean they failed. Remind...

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    • This topic was really interesting to me. As someone who thought I knew what I wanted to be for an extremely long time, I relate to lots of things from the article, such as the limited career knowledge based on experience and parent bias. I also wonder if there’s a more scientific approach to this question, since the article is more about what we can do on a personal level to impact it. It seems like a hard topic to do scientific research on, so I understand why there may not be, but I still wonder if there’s any out there.


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