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  • After viewing Precious Knowledge, I think that the Tucson School Board was not right when they banned the Mexican- American/Raza Studies program because should be able to have the ability to do anything that others can do which is going to places or just wanting a better education. It’s really not fair for them because they should be able to do…Read More

  • My reactions to the walkout were surprised and shocked because of what they had to go through. What stood out to me was how they doing walkouts and it didn’t seem like they were nothing was changing at first. Why this stood out to was because they continued to do it because they were standing up for what is right for the chicanos and the families…Read More

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    I agree with you that they knew they wanted better education and they actually did something about it so that they could try to get a better education.
    • What stood out to me was how many got arrested for no reason or for a false reason. This stood out to me because they were getting treated horribly for standing up for their culture which was not right. All they wanted was to get treated fairly and have a better education because of what they were going through was really rough. There was a lot of…Read More

      • I totally agree with you I think still till this day cops arrest people for standing up to their rights such as protesting.
        • Why do you think their education was so important to them? I know a lot of students who are not always excited about education.
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