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  • Dear Melissa, I find your post very interesting cause the wildfires are 1 thing California is known for along with earthquakes. The fires this year are very big and being 2020 its not a surprise Cali is up in flames. I like how you even incorporated the type of weather conditions the firefighters have to deal with because it makes their job…Read More

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    Mario commented on the post, Tim The Tornado

    Dear Khala,
    I enjoyed your story ¨Tim the Tornado¨ because I’ve never heard of such a story but it was rather interesting. One part I liked from it was ¨Tim twisted all through Texas and Mexico, growing bigger and bigger¨. I liked this point because it brings out texas and Mexico which are places where a lot of tornados hit and many lose the…Read More

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    Mario commented on the post, So, This Sucks.

    Dear Abbey,
    I like your writing of the article “So, this sucks” because this Corona is a pain. It prevented a lot of people’s plans from happening. One point that I liked was when you said “At first, everyone treated the idea of a pandemic as a joke, treated the very idea of Coronavirus as a joke, when in fact it was then and is now, very real”.…Read More

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    Mario commented on the post, Gun violence

    Dear Robert,
    I get where you’re going with gun violence is out of control. I agree that owning a gun should be for self defense and nothing more. Not only in Oakland is gun violence bad, but as well as around the world. Safer restrictions should be put in place because everyday someone dies by a gunshot. Some go out in fear with the mindset there…Read More



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