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A Neighborhood by the George Washington Bridge

High Up in the Heights



sound technique

the author tone here says that she feel that being black is a curse to her poverty that she is going through.

Food is gone the rent is due portrays that people who live in Harlem because of their colored their skin are considered under the poverty level they can’t survive by buying foods for their family because they can afford in paying the rent

Since you don’t stick around make me wonder of a negative connection of stereotypes where people think bad stuff about you because of the judgment of your skin

Is this testimony true

Tish had a terrible dream her dream symbolizes as something as bad going to happen to fonny while he still in jail will fonny survive in jail

Why fonny feeling upset

Daniel is that there was a stolen car and the cops needed someone as a suspect Daniel did not do it though how is this fair

I think tish being sarcastic here she says that she has human use because she can cook good foods.

I like that they are telling fonny tish is fine it good to give people during bad times

I disagree. If he do not do it I feel like they should fight to make sure he free

I agree with Joseph. I would ask how they are going to feed themselves too. How are the going to put food on the table so young

Wow fonny seems like respectful person.I still wonder how he was arrested

This is interesting





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