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    A Neighborhood by the George Washington Bridge

    I am from xboxes, Axe shampoo, and black fans that stand on the floor. I am from the parks, playing video games in rooms for hours inside and water parks on hot days. I am from a neighborhood by the George...

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    • I love Where I’m From poems and this is a great one! I liked how you used Spanish in the poem. I wonder if it was necessary to translate the Spanish and how it might change the effect if you were to just leave it and let the reader figure out how to navigate that experience. I could really see and feel the moments you were describing.

    • Dear Mario,
      I really enjoyed reading your poem. Not only was it personal, but it was a piece that I could relate to because I am very familiar with Heights and the details that you included. I also enjoyed learning more about you and really liked when you said, “I’m from the Heights with family from the DR. From a sister who thinks she saw God when she was sick”. This poem spoke to your cultural identity, but also to what makes you you. I look forward to reading more from you!

    • Hello Mario,

       I am kind of surprised by your poem and by how much we have in common even through all this distance. I thought your poem was really well written and even though we are almost across the world from one another, I see my own upbringing in yours. Something that stood out to me was that I could almost picture the crucifixes and hear the “presta más atención” especially during church.

      Thank you for writing this! It’s nice seeing people like me around the world painting our culture and experience through word. I look forward to seeing what you write next!

      Guadalupe V

    • Hey Mario,

      I think how we live from so far away from each other and the similarities that we have in our childhood. It is cool to see someone else life from another place. You get to know a little about the culture that they have in their lives. I hope you are doing well, your writing was entertaining and easy to read.

  • Dear Drew:
    I am happy with your poem , “A Night/Gloomy Morning In Nyc,” because I like mornings and nights in NYC. Also, you used beautiful words.
    One line that stands out for me is, “The moonlight bounces off the empty street.”. I think this line is striking because I thought about moonlight bouncing like a basketball.
    Another line that st…Read More

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    High Up in the Heights

    High up, a hop up Manhattan, is the heights, It’s where all the Spanish people live. I like it, I love it, I live it. Spanish is all on the signs. The Heights is like the Dominican Republic of Manhattan. People surprised when a...

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    • Dear Mario,

      I am amused by your poem, “High up in the Heights” because I feel like you made the reader visualize what it was like to be there. Also because you showed how you feel about being there. One line that stands out for me is, “It’s where all the Spanish people live. I like it, I love it, I live it. Spanish is all on the signs.” I think these lines are powerful because you are talking about the beautiful culture that you will see when walking into the heights. Your poem helps me understand what walking around the heights is like. You described The things you can do there and emotions you can feel. Thanks for your poem. I look forward to seeing what you make next.

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    The tone did shift here.But I think she was talking about racism and hustling the whole time not really just hopscotch.

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    She acts like she is talking about hopscotch but she is really talking about life being hard and how it is like a game to win.She is using symbolism.

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A Neighborhood by the George Washington Bridge

High Up in the Heights



sound technique

the author tone here says that she feel that being black is a curse to her poverty that she is going through.

Food is gone the rent is due portrays that people who live in Harlem because of their colored their skin are considered under the poverty level they can’t survive by buying foods for their family because they can afford in paying the rent

Since you don’t stick around make me wonder of a negative connection of stereotypes where people think bad stuff about you because of the judgment of your skin

Is this testimony true

Tish had a terrible dream her dream symbolizes as something as bad going to happen to fonny while he still in jail will fonny survive in jail

Why fonny feeling upset

Daniel is that there was a stolen car and the cops needed someone as a suspect Daniel did not do it though how is this fair

I think tish being sarcastic here she says that she has human use because she can cook good foods.

I like that they are telling fonny tish is fine it good to give people during bad times

I disagree. If he do not do it I feel like they should fight to make sure he free

I agree with Joseph. I would ask how they are going to feed themselves too. How are the going to put food on the table so young

Wow fonny seems like respectful person.I still wonder how he was arrested

This is interesting





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