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Is it ethical to use data from Nazi medical experiments?

Is it ethical to use data from Nazi medical experiments? By: Mario Garibay-Hernandez You maybe asking if it’s alright to use nazi data for medical experiments, and I say that shouldn’t be done. This is true because during World War II, Nazi doctors had unfettered access to human beings they could use in medical experiments in any way they chose. […]

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Letter to Curyj (“Courage”)

Dear Curyj: We are three Oakland students who are writing to you because we have the same goal to decrease and stop gun violence in Oakland streets, for example, you guys have stopped gang injunctions which part way has decreased the gun violence between each other To add on, you on your page you explain your mission, and that is […]

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Things might never be the same in Oakland…

How is gentrification affecting Oakland’s rent prices? Why are Landlords raising the prices of our rents? Have we done anything to stop this? People in Oakland have to move because they can’t afford to live here anymore. Some people even live in their very own vehicles, just because rents are growing outrageously high, and people and community members can take […]

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War causes illogical deaths!

War Causes Illogical Deaths!   War When it comes to war, Deaths may occur But they have never been By a natural death, But by violence Or Illogical death. Oakland, Is a place where gangs are Occurred. There’s sides everywhere, And I bet no one knows why… Why are they fighting anymore? There’s 30’s, Then there’s 50’s And more. Then […]

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Shadow box – Mario

Artist Statement Mario Garibay-Hernandez   My shadow box shows both chosen and assigned identity for myself. Firstly, the cars in the middle show all the side shows happening around Oakland. I believe that’s a chosen identity because it just happens, we don’t choose to see that happen but the people doing it do choose to do it. That is why […]

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