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    The Power of Language Through Reading

    When a child is born the parents document everything, first smile, first outfit, and most importantly first word.  Almost everyone knows their first word and if they don’t it’s probably written in a baby book or photo album.  This...

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    • i really liked your post! One of my favorite parts was in the beginning where you were talking about how important the power of language is from the very beginning! I also liked the cultural part where our power of language ties in to so many aspects of our lives!

    • I also agree that language is incredibly powerful. Being able to read and articulate your thoughts through writing is a very useful tool. I thought what you said about perception in the beginning was interesting, and how your relationship with language affects others’ views of you and your view of yourself. Like bilingual kids, and how their two languages may represent an important part of them, or people in America whose second language is English and may speak with an accent, and how native English speakers tend to associate this with a lack of intelligence.

  • Lydia, I liked how you presented the idea that a new trend is circulating through the media every week. Sometimes it can seem that if we are not on our phones everyday we miss so much information, and language does have a big impact on that. A new slang term only needs a day or two in order for it to catch on, and it could completely change the…Read More

  • Maria wrote a new post

    One Story: Dangerous or Harmless?

    One story, one single story, what seems like a harmless string of words can turn into something that can completely change how a person is viewed and thought of by other people. Most times this story is told without...

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  • Meghan,
    I liked how you touched on the role that stereotypes and gender roles played in the disney princess movies. I think those movies influence so many young girls, and it’s really important to look at the impact the movies will have later in life. I also thought you made a very good point when you talked about how the princesses were made t…Read More

  • Ceceli, I really liked how you explored all aspects of being an only child. Growing up as an only child, I agree that while creativity might be my strong suit, relating to other people or simply talking to them can sometimes be hard.



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