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  • Dear, Viridiana
    I am very intrigued by your post ” should voting be easy” because I agree with you I believe that’s a great idea, especially for those teenagers that want to vote and not only teenagers but as well the elderly. since voting is already a big major step to do I believe that they should make it as easy as possible so people can b…Read More

  • Maria wrote a new post

    beauty standards

    Image titleYour subtitle here To begin this I will like to elaborate more on today´s ¨beauty standards¨ many look up to these ladies and their families they have given the internet and almost all of America what...

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  • Maria commented on the post, Unhealing

    hello Jimmy,
    I really enjoyed your post about unhealing…I loved how you emphasized that there is still going to be blood even if they try to cover it. I also like a lot your repetition of “Broken” it definitely captured my attention and I also how you express your feelings through the words.
    my question to you is unhealing in what way lik…Read More

  • Maria wrote a new post

    is social media draining?

    This topic is something I would love to talk about because I indeed think that social media is draining. Why you may ask... well I think that it's draining because you go and see people all happy and doing...

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  • hey Blanca, I am very interested in your point of view in this argument about why “Should schools punish off-campus cyberbullying?” I liked how supported your statement with some evidence from a source and I do in fact agree 100% with you, Blanca… I also think what is happening is that through the years cyberbullying has become such a big strong…Read More

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