• Dear Anahi,
    I agree with your claim that immigrants come to the united states to have a better future for themselves but when there in U.S. their being stigmatized because they want a better future. They also deserve to become something and do better with themselves. Continue to work hard your blog was great.

  • Dear Marleni,
    I like the fact that you added 2 interview and your own perspective on what you think what will be better for oakland like bringing culture back. I want to say good job for completing your blog it talks about good topic and it seem that you put a lot of work on it. I agree with your main point that immigrant just come to america to…[Read more]

  • Dear Jennifer,
    I totally agree with your idea when or yuor text it says “With immigration they dead ass only go for Hispanic people you rarely see another race being pulled over by immigration”(Bedoya). How the fact that they come to the united states to have a future and just that they die or make then not feel safe that us latinos or just peo…[Read more]


    Immigration Separation


    There are a lot of people that have been impacted by immigration and often the people seen on the news and talked about are Latinos, Their families are being separated and d

    • Estimada maria me gusta tu escritura que se llama Immigration Separation me gusto porque habla de que estados unidos debe de dejar de separar niños y niñas de sus familias. Mu gusto esa parte de tu escritura porque yo tambien soy emigrante. una parte que me gusto fue Los Estados Unidos deben dejar de separar a las familias en la frontera y detener a los latinos deshumanizados porque son personas como todos los demás.Para empezar, la separación familiar debe terminar.

    • Dear:Maria

      I am moved by your post La separación de inmigración,” because… The information about separation from families for the migration look terrible in average the separation de families is 2,700 children have been split from their parents one sentence you wrote that stands out for me is:” unfortunately this not for I think this is very bad because… with the new reforms of migration this no stop thanks for you writing. i look forward to seeing what you write next, because… do you have very reason about this topic about the migration and the reforms the migration.

    • Dear Maria,
      I thought that your blog was very inspirational and that it was very meaningful as well. I can tell how much this topic meant to you tis’ very good 🙂
      from, jennifer

    • Dear Maria,

      To start off good job on completing your blog i know you’ve worked very hard on it. What i like about your blog is how you included about some of the harmful things immigration has done to children and how it can be changed. I also like how in one of you lines you included immigrants are being dehumanized by the border patrol. I think you did great on showing how they are not being taken cared of and how they are being treated. Good job keep working hard to get better at writing.

    • Dear Anahi,

      I would like to start saying that your Blog was amazing and so interesting to read. When you said, “There are a lot of people that have been impacted by immigration and often the people seen on the news and talked about are Latinos, Their families are being separated and dehumanized.” I agree with that so much because us Mexicans and people of color get treated so bad b the insults that Donald Trump has said of us. He has brainwashed a lot of people that we are bad people. When in reality we just want a better life we want our voice to be hear. Keep up the good work. Love you @WIFE :)

    • Dear Mara:

      I was very interested about your post, “Immigration Separation,” because there are lot of families that are being separated and that is not right because like you said they come to the United States for a better life. Also I knew that migrants that were in border patrol custody were treated badly but not to the point were they let people die of dehydration that is just inhumane. One sentence that you wrote that stands out to me is “7-year-old migrant girl taken into Border Patrol custody dies of dehydration, exhaustion”. I believe this was unnecessary because she is just a little girl that wanted to be with her family in the United States for a brighter future and for immigration to treat her the way that they did was not right. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because I like how people who read your post can see what is happening to latinos and we can try to make a difference by speaking up.

      Sincerely, Nancy Carranza

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    Dear Anahi, your poem is really nice that it relates with violence that’s happening in the community or around the world.It seems that you took your time to do this poem working on your similes. The line that I really like was “I’m taught to love but also to hate” I feel that that’s a powerful line to me bc it talks in so many ways.

  • Maria commented on the post, Sunshine 1 month, 1 week ago

    Dear Christina, you poem is really nice a really like the title because I thought you was going to write how love is really cute because you tittle name is sunshine but at the end it finish with not being happy ending about love. So theres it comes the similes and metaphors you really did a good job because its interesting and it leaves you like…[Read more]

  • Maria commented on the post, Unexpected 1 month, 1 week ago

    Dear Imelda, I just love the fact that you wrote the poem about the one person although he hurt you alot and it speaks a lot to me. I like how you added a lot of details like sounds the time and how you will feel about talking to him. The line that i really like of your poem was “Falling in love is like a Ferris wheel it’s going all good until it…[Read more]

  • Maria commented on the post, A Female 1 month, 1 week ago

    Dear Janie, I really like how you defended women power and how we are strong no matter what other people say. I feel that whoever read this will like your poem because it speaks out to me and will for others. The fact that you choose this means alot because you care about women power and how they could be seen as on a lot of ways.

  • My poem is about love, violence and how people struggle. It also talks about how I feel.

    Love is a fresh start like roses in the


    Only if you keep it alive

    It won’t die

    In this violence causing people

    • Dear Maria,

      Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem. I love how you compare love to delicate yet beautiful things but then you also slightly connect this to a bit of the violence that is happening around us. One of my favorite lines from your poem is “Love is so pure that’s you Have to learn how to take care of As a baby when is born Learning how to take steps in life”. This is one of my favorite lines because it shows that love is delicate but if you take care of it, it can grow and become stronger throughout time. It also shows that love will only work if you put time and effort into it only then will it be beautiful. Thanks for publishing your great poem. I look forward to seeing what you make next because you compare things in a way that many people can relate to what you are writing. Not only that but you put your own spin on things that people think are simple and show them that those simple things can make a big part of your life.

    • Dear Maria

      Thank you so much for sharing your poetry. A line that stood out to me was “As a baby when is born, Learning how to take steps in life” because you can really tell what you were going for. A connection I made to your poem is when you talked about how our generation is changing, how we need peace and love to get us through it because people are scared with suicide and shooting. Thank you so much for writing and I look forward to reading your next post.


    • Dear Maria,

      I like how your peom talked about love and how nicely you put everything togther. I like how in one your lines you said, “love is like a fresh rose in the summer”. I liked it because your including similies into your text. I liked it because I understood it in a good way and knew whta you meant by saying that. Someting I also liked about your text is that you talked baout both love and violence. Also good job because we were strugglig together but you end up doing good on it.

  • Maria posted an update 2 months, 4 weeks ago

    Dear Jessica, I really like your shadow box the fact that you share the pictures of your family and things that represent you.

  • Dear Leslie, thank you for taking your time and reading my project I really appreciate your words.

  • Maria commented on the post, Growing Up 3 months, 1 week ago

    Dear Leslie,
    I really like your shadow box I like the fact how you haz the two flags showing where you from. I got to know that you are a independent person and a person who speaks up for yourself. Also how you like the WARRIORS/ basketball.

  • Dear Lupita,
    I really like your shadow box I like the fact how you divide your shadow box into a salvadorian, mexican and american. I also really like your pictures that you share in your shadow box. I really related to some of the stereotypical ideals you pointed out that people have against women. I have feel that what you talk is really strong…[Read more]

  • “Quien soy yo”

    By: Maria Molina


    The shadow box represent my ethnicity, nationality and race including the people I cared about in my life. The people that are really important is my mom, stepdad my litt

    • Dear Maria

      I really like your shadow box it was very creative. It has lots of amazing objects that represent you as a person . For example that you really like hanging out with your friends which I can tell because you have pictures of them. But mainly I learn that some of the things that are important to you is your ethnicity, nationality and race. I also think its brave of you talking about your parents because not many people would and how you talked about some stereotypes. Thank you for your amazing shadow box I learned a lot of interesting things about you. -Yasmin

    • Dear Maria,
      I am impressed by your piece of writing “Quien Soy Yo” because you really expressed your culture which was a beautiful thing. One sentence that stood out to me was “ That they don’t understand that someone with the same sex could be together.” I think this is a really common thing that MANY people think of. The fact that you addressed this shows that yo support the LGBTQ community which is an amazing thing. I am proud of how you presented your shadow box in general, it has a very strong meaning

      • Dear Leslie, thank you for taking your time and reading my project I really appreciate your words.

    • Dear Maria,
      I love your shadow box! Its very creative and I love how you added a lot of pictures to represent your love ones. You represented your culture so well with the colors and mini flags. Nice Job!

      Jadyn W.

  • Dear, Melody I’m a student from Life academy I really like how you explain your shadow box because it has a lot of details about you and your family and I feel that really important in everyones life.

  • Maria commented on the post, Me In A Box 4 months, 1 week ago

    Dear , Elizabeth

    My name is Maria, I am a student from life academy. Your shadow box is really pretty and like the fact that when you look at it you could tell your culture and that you want to go to college and have a good life because i could connect to you. Something I feel you should add will be is the background of your shadow box like the…[Read more]

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