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    1 year, 4 months ago

    What stood out to me was some people were getting ashamed of being Mexican but the other kids would make fun of them for the Mexicans bring meat with rice and beans. This stood out to me because for them being ashamed must mean that the other kids would make fun of them bad and make them feel less of themselves. Another thing that stood out to me was teachers werent concerned for the kids. It stood out to me because how are you going to be a teacher and not worry about your students.

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    • This is a very true statement and i agree because setting back to a Mexican Latin American being ashamed of themsleves was one sad statistic since the Americans would convey in not knowing that everyone deserves to live. Not just that but they are humans in the national world. Like why treat them like if they were animals? when everyone has a voice and is equal due to the brown vs board case. I believe that this could have been an average capability that stood out to declaration of their protest to be heard. This is no life at all if they are going to treat them as something else.



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    Nice to know that they had went back to school without an incidnet and to see the change

    After their victory the Mendezes resumed to work without saying anything about their win

    This shows that Kent is races towards mexican. He knows that the Mexican have the availability to succeed but he just doesn't want t give them the opportunity

    Do you think the judge shouldve said more to Kent?

    I liked how the judge didnt like the things Kent had made racists comments toward the Mexican and said that separate schools create social inequality

    What do you think people can do to change that?

    Do you think that needed to be changed? like higher pay?

    The mendezes didn't just walk away they organized a group to protest and sent a letter to the school board.

    It was easy to fight back because some people had fear that they would lose their jobs or get deported. But Gonzalo kept trying and did whatever it took to get people to go to court

    The mexicans weren't getting payed as much there held low-paying as field workers and it was hard for them to get jobs or to be economically advance

    They were successful by coming to the US because he was the champion of orange picking and he had higher wage than other workers and got their own ranch.

    I agree with you because it wasnt fair and they should've been treating equally

    What do you think the dark skinned should've done something? Like fight back?

    They weren't give the same education as they should've had and gave them shabbier equipments . They didnt have the divided attention like the white kids had.

    Why would it matter if you were dark skinned but just because the other children were light skinned if there were all mexican which doesnt make it right. What do they get from not letting them go to their school?

    Sweatshops can help people the kids worry and americans have a hard time accepting it.

    There isnt a lot of sweatshops there dont go to poorest nations

    They rather work at sweatshops than to work somewhere is dangerous.

    They rather work in a factory so they can at least have shade

    The americans doesnt see it when they try to get labor standards.

    It's a dangerous place to work in full of smoke.

    brands still dont admit that they look at bottom prices.

    Even though its unsafe to work in those conditions they still are still working no matter what.

    They wont be able to live off 37 a month

    The workers only get 37 a month which isn't a lot of money.

    Its the brands fault not the consumers and they should own up to their responsibilities.

    People need to understand the workers have the human rights and not just blame it on the people who bought it.

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