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Reclaiming the Power of the Witch

The author of “The Witch Continues tto Enchang as a Feminist Symbol” begins this article by discussing a recent film based on Ruth Bader Ginsburg that begins with the words “this witch” said by conservative Michael Savage. He is infamous for referring to Ginsburg in this way. The use of witch as a describer has grown immensely since the Salem […]

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Which Witch?

The article “Modern Witch Hunts” emphasizes how “witch hunts” have always been used to persecute already vulnerable and oppressed people. One of the biggest “witch hunts” that isn’t directly about the practice of witchcraft is the era of containment led by Joseph McCarthy in the 1950s. During this time, McCarthy focused on identifying people as communists and would violate their […]

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Witches: Fact or Fiction?

“Commentary: Beyond Halloween – the real story behind witches, devils, trials and executions” from the Salt Lake Tribune is based off an interview with Rev. David Collins, who is a professor of history at Georgetown University. He became interested in the history of witches due to the magic element. He was very interested in the concept of miracles and wanted […]

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The History of Witchcraft

In “History of Witches”, the author tells that the belief in witches and witchcraft has been present in the world for almost as long as human history. Witches have become a major part of pop culture and many different depictions of them are alive in our world. The earliest known examples of witchcraft were very centered around women with curative […]

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Taking Back Our Privacy

In our ever-changing world, we are constantly bombarded with contradicting information about the collection of our data and the status of our privacy. At times, it seems as though our lives are being dictated by how we are implementing technology in our lives. In an article from The New Yorker, Menand observes that our privacy seems very far beyond our […]

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How Has Conversion Therapy Evolved?

Throughout history, the practice of conversion therapy has been used as a way of “correcting” same-sex attraction and gender nonconformity. Same-sex attraction and transgenderism have long been considered deviant and abnormal behaviors. Up until 1973, The American Psychiatric Association classified homosexuality as a mental disorder. This led many people to support different forms of conversion therapy. Many believe that there […]

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Does pursuing research about a potential “gay” gene promote an inherent homophobic bias?

The very real fact of conversion therapy has caused many members of the LGBT community to be skeptical of research for a so-called “gay” gene. During the past 20 years, many research projects have been searching for an explanation for homosexuality. According to James Vincent in his article in The Independent, extensive research is being conducted to find the source of […]

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