• Isaias,
    I deeply enjoyed reading your piece on the definition “American”. From a young age, we are pressured and even forced to show our pride and patriotism for this country. However, there are many issues within our country that inhibit everybody from being able to equally access our freedom. I very much agree that our definition of American…[Read more]

  • Claudia,
    I enjoyed reading this piece on student speech online. Cyber bullying is a major problem in our society, and we aren’t doing enough to combat it. Cyber bullying has become so big that it is causing disruption in a school’s ability to operate and function because students do not have a solid enough support system in the school to perform…[Read more]

  • In our ever-changing world, we are constantly bombarded with contradicting information about the collection of our data and the status of our privacy. At times, it seems as though our lives are being dictated by

  • Kait,
    I really enjoyed reading your post! I have also recently gone through some personal struggles that moved me to take more control over my own happiness. I very much agree that there are things that are completely in control of and can have an influence on our happiness. However, there are external forces at work that can alter how accessible…[Read more]

  • Branigan, this is a very interesting article. I appreciate how you mentioned both perspectives on the issue. You brought up an interesting point when you discussed how politicians now experience pressure to pick a side. I think that most voters expect candidates to speak up about this issue because of the expansive impact it has on our lives. I…[Read more]

  • Ozzie,
    Your post was a very engaging read. You did a fantastic job at analyzing and presenting varying points of view. I think you raise a very important point when you discuss that education of the consequences of drinking alcohol would prevent more alcohol related accidents. In the United States, I think we have a distorted view of alcohol that…[Read more]

  • Mia,
    Your post was very interesting and engaging. You accurately summed up many of the fears that I personally hold about America. It’s interesting to read how so many different people have analyzed the way in which we almost glorify fear in our culture. Throughout history, authors have used many of the common fears of the American people in…[Read more]

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    I definitely agree with your argument about changing values. It is very relevant to our lives today. It is haunting to think about the shift in priorities that its happening in our country right now. It saddens me to think about the the materialism that is plaguing our world. I also think it would be very beneficial to reconsider the…[Read more]

  • Kianna, I think this is a very interesting read. I enjoyed how you discuss everything from an impartial point of view and offer statistics to prove the harm in a lower drinking age. I think that this is a conversation that we should be having more often in order to come to a conclusion. I think that including counter arguments could really…[Read more]

  • Throughout history, the practice of conversion therapy has been used as a way of “correcting” same-sex attraction and gender nonconformity. Same-sex attraction and transgenderism have long been considered dev

    • Mariah,
      I really enjoyed your post. I learned a lot from it since I am not that informed about the LGBT youth and the conversion therapy. It’s sad to see that our nation sees being LGBT as a mental disorder. This part of the post just is heart breaking. “According to Kathy Baldock, an LGBT rights advocate, in an article from ABC News Australia, this therapy even includes “giving people drugs while they showed them gay porn so they’d throw up. Not giving them drugs while they showed them heterosexual porn so they wouldn’t throw up.”” Personally, I don’t think making someone throw up with drugs is humane at all. I think that the question I have is how this could possibly influence with Trump wanting to git rid of transgenders or if it has to do with any of this? I said before, I am not completely informed about this topic, but I have seen like short documentaries and videos on people who are transgender. And it makes me happy and glad to see them going out the world and their communities and living who they are. I read this article on how his the government redefines gender to exclude trans people, it could be a public health crisis. I think this article could open up ways in which you could possibly connect conversion therapy to this

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  • Christopher, I agree that technology has an impact on the ability of kids to find a creative outlet. However, I don’t think that it is necessarily leading to a less creative society. Technology allows many people to find access to more resources that allow them to grow in creativity. I think that we as a society need to prioritize how much time we…[Read more]

  • This is a very intriguing argument, Olivia. Gerrymandering is a very large issue in our current political state. It is a very big problem in Utah. Here is an example of an article that I found about how the unfair and inaccurate redistricting here is interfering with our ability to participate in democracy…[Read more]

  • The very real fact of conversion therapy has caused many members of the LGBT community to be skeptical of research for a so-called “gay” gene. During the past 20 years, many research projects have been sear

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