• Dear GMOs,

    From all the research I have done, there are still many things that are mysterious with this topic. From the four articles I have found, they all say that there is no real proof or evidence that

    • Dear Mariah

      I am shocked with your post, “Taking a Position on GMOs”, because before reading this letter I thought GMOs were safe. I had read many positive things about GMOs, like, it’s easier and cheaper to make more food for growing population than to plant a lot more crops. Also, I had heard that they were safe but I guess it was an article or it was a person that was agreeing with GMOs because they did not write down the negative affects about them. After reading your post I feel like I wouldn’t be able to eat a genetically modified organism like, food.

  • In an article called “GMO Facts”. GMO stands for genetically modified organisms, which means that they use genetic makeup using specific DNA from plants and animals They would cut out the parts that they wanted,

  • My topic for my 30 second hook is Gentrification in the Mission District. I was trying to present the decrease in Latino living in the Mission District and how fast they have been leaving. I kept messing up when I

  • The application I chose to do for genetic engineering is genetically modified foods (GMOs). I chose this topic because I was always interested in how people were able to improve food into making them look pretty,

  • I was able to watch a video called “What is Genetic Engineering”, and the general idea I got from the video is that they would take a genetically engineered organism and fuse it with the modified DNA and hav

    • I feel like the example given on the video is a very simple yet complex, but the way you simplified it even more and made it seem like an easy topic just scopes the genetic engineering more and allows more understanding.

  • I was a little confused when you said “To address this issue, we think that police should have to go through therapy before being able to join the police force to make sure they are both mentally and emotionally fit.” What do you mean by this? Do you suggest all policemen should go into therapy? I think this would work if people who worked in the…[Read more]

  • I would fix the link you have, since you can’t click on it. I was able to look at the piktochart, and the evidence provided was a good start, but you should also give the reader the article title to those facts you have on there. The thesis in the beginning could be rewritten, so that it gives the reader a sense of what’s going on about racial…[Read more]

  • Your evidence and facts are really good when it talks about your topic for nuclear weapons. I couldn’t really find a thesis to this, so it was kind of confusing for me to understand. I would suggest piecing what you got from your evidence and solutions into making a thesis. You should also broaden your solution, like giving a number to show how…[Read more]

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  • The recordings are really awkward….so ya…didn’t want to re-record this again

  • I feel a little embarrassed when I was suppose to record myself saying specific phrases and now having to upload them. I feel self-concise about my voice, but I think I did a good job. For the first audio

  • The first video I watched was called TED’s Secret to Great Public Speaking (https://nowcomment.com/documents/76698) and the second video I watched was called Good and Bad examples of Oral Presentation (

  • Scroll down to see all nine pages.

    I didn’t have many questions when it came to making the comic of Act 4; it was fun drawing and writing the small comic. I tried my best in making it look good, even though I d

  • Hello, my name is Mariah and I am currently reading Shakespeare’s play called Othello. I was assigned to pick a quote written from the play and give my own in-depth analysis. Here are the two I have chosen to d

  • Hello, my name is Mariah and the play I am currently reading made by Shakespeare is Othello. I recited Iago’s speech in Act 2, Scene 3 of lines 322-334. It took me a few tries to get the voicing down, since it w

  • Shakespeare is still shown and learned throughout schools because its language could help open up minds. When you think about Shakespeare’s words and their meanings behind them, you could connect words through h

  • To Next President,


    I would like to address the problem of wage increase in jobs. I know it’s a topic that everyone at least talked about once, and that shows something must be done. The increase in housing an

    • What about the possible consequences of raising minimum wage? Increasing the minimum wage could also cause things to become more expensive because companies will need to fill the void of the money they lose when paying higher wages. Companies that are smaller and don’t have the funds to pay employees at higher rates could go out of business which would lead to job loss and the problem of people not being able to sustain themselves is worsened instead of fixed.

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