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    Dear Patricia:

    I am surprised about your publication “The Walking Forest”, because I like how he expressed himself and how he wrote the story and what is happening to the girl.

    A phrase he wrote that is relevant to me is “She’s desperate to know more until she finds a peculiar boy who offers to reveal its secrets” I think this is very…Read More

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    Maria commented on the post, Critics

    Dear Jenifer

    I am surprised with you post ” Critics” because I think it is a bad idea to criticize other people since these people can be affected by our opinion or criticism about it.

    one phrase that you wrote that stands out to me is “The plot reminds me of this because In the world there are many people who criticize their physique when…Read More

  • Dear Yadira
    I am surprised by your poem “¨A Poem of Mexico¨ because it shows how beautiful Mexico is and talks about the places there are.
      A phrase that you highlight for me is “We are beautiful no matter where you’re from down south, east, north, west, or anywhere in between. Here are there” I think this is truly true because in rea…Read More

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    Defying the Odds in Afghanistan

    In the article “Defying the Odds in Afghanistan” I learned that people of Afghanistan live in a critical situation due to the war they are experiencing, since education for young people is precarious, and almost all of them do...

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    • Dear Maria,

      I am shocked by your post, “Defying the Odds in Afghanistan,” because it is evident to believe now that kids in Afghanistan don’t get the same privilege as others. I believe this because some Afghanistan kids are only able to go to school until they are 8 years old. They also do not have the technology and materials to expand their resources.

      One sentence that you wrote that stands out to me is, ” my life would be more difficult, both for me and my family because the job opportunity would be limited.”. You tried to put yourself in their situation and tried to be understanding of it. I liked how you put yourself and their shoes and was in their point of view. Overall, I also liked how you were completely honest and said that would you be struggling yourself in life in that situation.

      Thanks for your writing. I am looking forward to seeing more and how you try to understand their point of view. I would like for you to make more posts about you trying to comprehend and be understanding about other’s difficult situation.


  • Dear Rosa
    I am surprised with your publication “Dream but do not fall asleep” because you talk about what happens to a man who tries to achieve his goals in life and also talk that nobody believed in him or his friends this is very significant because the regret of that he kept fighting to get them

    A phrase that you wrote that stands out for…Read More

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