My identities

    Maria Barboza

    This shadow box should show my identities, how I see the world, and how I feel about everything in my life. The reason why I put a magazine picture of girls with fist because it

    • Hi Maria,
      I really like the picture, it has something that is unique.
      I like the line that says “Females are strong, brave, and smart”, because we all know that that is true but there are some people who think the opposite. For example if you ask a man he would say the opposite but I think you did a good job.
      I have a question
      Does being a Mexican have affected you? for example have you faced discrimination or racism?
      How do you feel being in the United states?
      Probably next time show some of the traditions of mexico?
      How old are You when You came to the U.S?

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    Dear Bertha.

    I agree with you because this is really how people think of girls and say how they act. They think women are here to do house work for others. The sentence I liked most in your essay is when you say, ” Washing my face and then applying makeup to look “pretty” every single day…” This sentence shows how people think women should do…[Read more]

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