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    Marcos commented on the post, Is AI art, art?

    Dear Jimmy,

    I am unequivocally befuddled to the core with your post, “Is AI art, art?” because it does give me the interesting thought of whether this is right or not because I do like looking at nice art and if it comes from AI then it doesn’t really matter. But I was not aware that people would use it to then plaster their name on the piece.…Read More

  • Dear Brian,

    I am situated in this situation by your post,”Inventions That Changed the World” because it is cool to look back and see how far humans have come with their inventions. A sentence that stands out is in the article, ” Inventions That Changed the World’” (UPFRONT Mary Kate Frank 2022}

    I learned about the compass that was invented in…Read More

  • Dear Dulce,

    I’m exasperated by your post,”Death Penalty at the door” because it is such an interesting topic, whether to kill these people. the problem with it is that the law is incompetent, as seen through the stats you gave regarding African Americans and how they face the discrimination of the justice system. for this I think its better to…Read More

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    Marcos commented on the post, Human Trafficking

    Dear Geraldine,

    I am befuddled by your post, “Human Trafficking” because the idea is understandable and can be seen as something people wouldn’t like. though I understand why they would want to do such a thing, don’t they already have something in place where if someone searches for something possibly dangerous they would be put on a watchlist?…Read More

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